Workers Compensation

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The first priority is always to get the appropriate medical attention.

For first treatment, go to the Center for Occupational Health at 4001 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, IN, Phone# 812-238-7788.  (Hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm).  For your first visit only, take a 3-WC Admittance Form to the Center for Occupational Health.   This authorizes them to treat you and bill Indiana State University for any charges.

If the Center for Occupational Health is not available, go to the Ambucare Clinic or the Emergency Room.  In the event treatment is sought at either Ambucare or the Emergency Room, the employee should notify the Workers Compensation Office as soon as possible.  Following employee treatment at either of these facilities, the Workers Compensation Office normally advocates the employee visit the Center for Occupational Health for a follow up evaluation at the employee's earliest convenience.

If the injury is severe, then the employee should be taken to the Emergency Room.

All injuries should be reported regardless of extent of injury.


All JR Pharmacy locations will fill your Work Comp prescriptions and bill ISU.  Hours and location are provided below.  ISU employees are strongly encouraged to utilize any of these JR Pharmacy locations in the event medication is prescribed in affiliation with a workers’ compensation injury. 

If you have the prescription filled at your own pharmacy and pay for it out of pocket, send the original copy of the pharmacy bill to the Workers Compensation office for reimbursement.

JR PHARMACY LLC #1    (Located within the Baesler Store)
2902 Poplar St.

Terre Haute, IN 47803

Open: Monday thru Friday 9-7; Saturday 9-5; Sunday 10-2

Phone  812-478-1006;  Fax  812-478-9296

15 Southland Shopping Center

Terre Haute, IN 47802

Open: Monday thru Friday 9-7; Saturday 9-5; Sunday Closed

Phone  812-232-6655;  Fax  812-232-6588

1101 Poplar Street

Terre Haute, IN 47807

Open: Monday thru Friday 9-7; Saturday 9-2; Sunday Closed
Phone  812-235-7373;  Fax  812-478-0459

1330 N. Lincoln Road

Rockville, IN 47872

Open: Monday thru Friday 9-6; Saturday 9-1; Sunday Closed

Phone  765-569-6900;  Fax 765-569-5797


If the doctor determines that you can not fulfill your position in your normal job, we will work with you to try to keep you from missing any work.  If possible, you will be kept in your own department following the restrictions that the doctor has given you.  If it is not possible to find work in your area to meet these restrictions, you will be assigned to the recycle center until the doctor puts you at full duty work.  The Recycle Center  will work with you to see that your restrictions are followed.

Indiana law regarding Workers Compensation does not allow an injured employee to be off work with pay unless the employer is notified in writing by the attending physician that the employee is unable to work and the employee has been off work for more than 7 calendar days.  The first 7 days will not be paid until the employee has been off for 21 calendar days.  The first 7 days will be counted against the employee's accumulated sick or vacation time.  If no accumulated sick or vacation time is available, the time off will be without pay.

If the doctor determines that you are able to work, but you decide you cannot work, you will be required to use your own  accumulated sick or vacation time.

Please address questions to Jon Glick, Workers Compensation Manager, Parsons Hall Room 109, extension 7951, cell: 217-822-7022, email or Laura David, cell: 812-841-1499, email