Web Development

Unit Level Support

All administrative units and academic departments will need to establish a means for meeting this Guide's guidelines. In this regard the following are suggested requirements of each unit.

  1. A registered, full-time, permanent staff person assigned to oversee unit website development and content management as part of the regular job duties.
    • To register, simply click on ISU-WEB in the subscription list, then click on "Join or Leave ISU-WEB" to subscribe.
  2. This website coordinator and those helping in the unit's website development must be familiar with the ISU Website Style Guide and the website software used.
  3. Software used in development must be owned by the unit (not by staff, students or otherwise, who may leave the unit).

All website coordinators are encouraged to participate in the monthly web editor brown-bag meetings. The meeting are held the first Tuesday of every month from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m..

Web Development Resources

Photography Requests:
Tony Campbell, Photography Services Manager, 237-3788.

Video Requests
Tracy Ford, Video Production Manager 237-3193.

Content Writing/Editing Requests
Dave Taylor, Director of Media Relations, 237-3743.

Branded Printed documents, PDF's etc.
Ted Wilson, Director of Publications, 237-3947.

Web Support
Brad Crites, Associate Director of Web Services - 237-7914
Martin Collins, Web Designer - 237-8491