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The logo is the foundation upon which the University's identity program is built. The logo consists of two elements: the leaf symbol, and the name "Indiana State University."

The logo is designed to be used as one unit, as shown above. The symbol, the typography, and the tagline should always be used together. (There may be occasions where space does not permit using the tagline, such as on small specialty items. These exceptions must be approved by Communications and Marketing.)

All materials, print and electronic, published by the University will prominently (but not necessarily dominantly) display the University logo. It should not be used as a headline. Exception: campus units defined as sub-brands or independent brands have their own identifying marks.

Usage Guidelines for the Indiana State University Logo
The logo of the University is the identifying mark for all departments and offices. No individual units are to develop and use individual marks for their communications. Individual units will be identified typographically with the University logo to avoid developing competing images.

The University logo cannot be redrawn or altered in any way. The individual elements of the logo cannot be rearranged, rotated, animated, shadowed, or rendered in three-dimensional form. The logo cannot be combined with other symbols or graphics. The logo cannot be incorporated into illustrations, cartoons, or other symbols, logos, or shapes.

In order to preserve the integrity of the Indiana State logo, it must be reproduced in a large enough size to be clear. It must be surrounded on all sides by clear space of at least one-half the width of the leaf symbol.

It is preferred that the logo be reproduced in two ink colors: PMS 293 (blue) and black. The logo may also be reproduced in reverse (white on a dark background), all black, and all blue (PMS 293).

If the logo is reversed out of a solid color or a photographic image or overprinted on a light solid color or light photographic image, care must be taken to ensure that enough contrast exists to provide sufficient contrast.

The logo is unique to Indiana State University; therefore, units should always reproduce it from authorized digital files.


The University's official colors remain blue(PMS 293)and white

PMS 293

Blue Palette

The blue palette is comprised of a dark blue, a medium blue, and a light blue. These colors should dominate, with the dark blue being used primarily. The dark blue provides strong contrast with the light blue, while allowing the medium blue (which is the blue in the Indiana State University logo) to stand out.

Dark Blue
PMS 295
Medium Blue
PMS 293
Light Blue
PMS 298

Supporting Palette

Colors in the secondary palette are to be used very sparingly—as accents only. There should only be one secondary color in a publication or per spread of a multi-page publication.

PMS 1375
PMS 178
PMS 390

Additional Grounding

Warm Gray 11 is another option as a grounding color. It can be used (sparingly) with one of the secondary colors

Warm Gray
PMS 11


To strengthen the branding and graphic identity of the University, specific type fonts are recommended for use in Indiana State University print and electronic publications:

Adhering to the following standards for the University logo help ensure that the University's image is consistent and enables recognition and recall of the University.

Email Images

For those users who like to add an email image to their signature, here are three downloadable images that can be used. In Internet Explorer, simply right click the image and save it to your computer.

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