Web Development

Getting Started

The Indiana State University website represents ISU to the world on an ongoing basis. It is often the first information source prospective students go to when researching their higher education options and a daily source of information for ISU employees and current students.

Because of the high profile and importance of the ISU website, every effort must be made to create a unified, content rich, comprehensive website representing all of the ISU units and departments. This online Web Style Guide is designed to help staff across campus prepare their websites to reflect the most positive and effective means of communication with all of our internal and external constituents.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for assisting each administrative office and academic department in meeting these expectations with limited resources. The vice presidential and dean's offices will coordinate the work of their units in meeting these guidelines within the given time frames.

Before starting on the technical aspects of your website project, it will be helpful for you to take some time to map out the project's informational purposes.

What is the main goal of your website?
Who is your audience?
What do they need to know?

Once you have answered these questions, map out all the information you want to include and structure it in a way your audience will understand. It is a good practice to approach your information from an outsider's viewpoint.

Remember, they will not be familiar with the organization, functions and lingo of your department and the University.

Maintaining a Departmental Web Site

The primary tool used to edit departmental sites is SharePoint Designer. While a working knowledge of HTML is not required, it is helpful that people assigned to maintain a departmental site be familiar with HTML and basic web standards. This site does not cover basic web design or how to use HTML. Web Services can provide some personalized help with the basics of using SharePoint Designer. If your department requires more help with employee training issues, please contact the Center for Instruction, Research and Technology (CIRT)

Link: Center for Instruction, Research and Technology (CIRT)

Web Accessibility

Each department is legally responsible for their department website. Your web manager should be aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and trained on the methods of how to comply with both basic web standards and the accessibility standards required by law for ALL of ISU's websites.


In order for someone to gain access to their departmental website, an account must be created. This is done through the web services department. Web accounts are connected to the portal email service. In order for someone to gain access to a department website, we ask that the head of the department please send a request for access to web services. Please include the person's ISU email name and the name of the website where access is needed. This can be done through the Web Services request form.

Link: Web Services Request Form.