What is the united way?

The United Way is an organization that pools donations from citizens in their communities and allocates funds to not for profit organizations that provide services to those with needs. The theme of the United Way is LIVE UNITED. The United Way is able to verify that member agencies meet the requirements, and teams of volunteers carefully evaluate fund applications each year before the pooled donations are disbursed. Link to the national United Way.

United Way member agencies serve people in need, helping children and youth achieve their educational potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people’s health. Having a campaign that simultaneously raises funds for many worthwhile organizations enables these agencies to spend their energies doing their work rather than fund raising, and reassures donors that their contributions reach those in need.

What is united way of the wabash valley (uwwv)?

The United Way of the Wabash Valley is the regional organization that works with not for profit agencies in our six-county region - Vigo, Clay, Sullivan, Parke, and Vermillion counties in Indiana, and Clark county in Illinois. The office is centrally located in Terre Haute.

The United Way campaign in our region takes place from September 1 to January 1 each year. Many citizens in our communities volunteer with United Way agencies. The UWWV also provides educational workshops for United Way agencies to help them better deliver their services and manage their funds.

To see which not for profit agencies in the Wabash Valley are included, click here.

What is the ISU united way campus campaign?

Our campaign kickoff is on October 1 this year, with a tent near the fountain. Students, faculty, and staff can donate at the tent or return a pledge card in campus mail and donate that way. Many will donate via payroll deduction (for the 2015 calendar year) while others will write a check or use a credit card. 

Many ISU students, faculty, and staff work with United Way agencies, serving as board members, volunteers, and interns. If you interested in volunteering, call the United Way of the Wabash Valley office at 812-235-6287 and speak to Dylan Riggen, email address at Dylan.riggen@local.unitedway.org.