Underground Anime Club

Welcome to the Underground!

Underground Anime Group Photo Spring 2017

Who we are

Underground Anime Club’s goal is to bring community members together with the common interests with anime, manga, and cosplay. We have others who may play anime/manga based card games, video games, and sometimes activities. We try to give a social heir to the club with discussing common tropes and even some dramatic uses of both imagery and words. We wish to make this a safe and inclusive environment. If you like all this club wishes to offer, come on up and join us. You Should Be Watching With Us!

What We Do

Every meeting we have members can come and immerse themselves into some playful and colorful to even some slightly, dreary or extremely action packed worlds.

In the Fall and Spring Semesters, we join the ISU Roleplayers’ Guild and host a Cosplay Contest at ISU-Con and Son of Isu-Con, offering some costumed fun and performance for some cute anime/manga related prizes.

Friday at 6 PM to 9 PM, 3rd Floor of the HMSU

You may come 30 minutes early, but not earlier.
Check our facebook for changes to the times and meeting locations.

What is a Cosplay Café

Once during the school year, we will ask for one of the Dedes and host a fun café experience. Most of the members of club will either dress in cosplay, or even just some chill anime/manga merchandise and spend times playing games. Items will be fundraised to offer at the café for helping the clubs funds for hoping to go to a convention within that time of the year. At the end, there will be a performance done with our most experienced cosplayers to end the fun of the event.


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Faculty Advisor
David Nichols

Heaven Smeelink

Vice President
Zachary Purdue

Alexis Pritchard

Public Representative
Dylan Gallup