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Transfer Credit & Degree Audit Report

Transfer credit is evaluated after students are admitted to the University. Transfer students can access their degree audit online. The degree audit displays the student's progress toward meeting each graduation requirement, and shows how ISU and transfer courses fulfill degree requirements.

Degree audits include:

  • Student's name and ID
  • Major
  • Catalog year
  • Advisor
  • Course grades and grade point average
  • Credit hours earned
  • Transfer credits accepted
  • A record of degree requirements including courses needed for the program of study (major, minor, etc.) and Foundational Studies (general education)
  • Progress toward completion of degree requirements

Currently, two degree audit/academic planning systems are supported: MySAM and DARS. To find out which system to use and how to access it, click here.

Instructions and Additional Information

  • Click here for information about how to use DARS.
  • Click here for information about MySAM.

Last updated August 22, 2013