It’s a BIG BLUE WORLD for Indiana State University students to explore! Education abroad has many personal and professional benefits. Indiana State offers various education abroad opportunities to attract our diverse student body. The Education Abroad team is committed to reducing financial and academic barriers for our students. Few other experiences in college have proven to provide such a positive and long term impact. Here ten good reasons to consider Study Abroad:

  1. Receive ISU credit for all approved coursework abroad

  2. Most effective way to learn a language

  3. Get to know another culture first-hand

  4. Gain experiences and skills outside of the normal classroom setting

  5. Lifelong friends from around the world

  6. Learn about yourself

  7. Broaden your perspective on the world

  8. Enhance career opportunities

  9. Develop critical thinking skills and overall

  10. Experience of a lifetime

Don’t let the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME pass you by!