Department Student Enrollment and Success Planning

At the request of the ISU Board of Trustees, but fundamentally in support of students, ISU is engaged in a process to develop department and college student enrollment and success plans. At this link you will find resources to support plan development. Other links on the Office of Student Success website, particularly in the Faculty and Staff section, will also be helpful to your work in this regard, most notably research done here at ISU, research from the field, and various practical ways to support student success. Plans are due to Academic Affairs by March 1, but folded up into a college level package. Please see your dean for any internal deadlines for submission to the dean's office that are sooner than March 1. Plans are underway for an early January report out session for the sharing of plan ideas across departments and colleges. More information will be forthcoming.

      Plan Template
      Mock Student Enrollment and Success Plan
      Framework for Departmental and College Retention and Completion Plans
      Small Group Notes by Chairs/Deans from 8/14 Retreat
      Notes from Large Group Report Out - 8/14 Retreat
      PowerPoint from Tom Green, October, 2013 workshop
      Retention and Graduation Rates by Department