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Research Briefs (click here for studies done on ISU Students)

Other Research
Why ISU Undergrads Leave ISU - August 2015
How to do your own data analysis w/ISU data
Institutional Research Data on Retention and Graduation
SEM Related Studies (Spring 2012)
Report on African American Retention
MAP-Works PPT on ISU Freshmen 2011
MAP Works Conversation Guide
Retention Trends by College - 2008-2012
Retention by Department and Major: 2010-2012
Academic Achievement and Year-One Retention

Student Generated Research

Student Success of Conditionally Admitted Students to ISU

Reports and Research - General

Meta-Analysis of Retention Research
Predictors of Retention and GPA
Instructional Communication Model
Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance
The Foundation of MAP-Works
Noel-Levitz Retention Studies
What Works in College Retention Reports (ACT)
The Role of Academic and Non-Academic Factors in Improving Retention (ACT)
Research and Practice of Student Retention: What’s Next?
Journal of College Student Retention
The Investment Payoff
National Report Card on Writing
The American Freshmen National Norms 2011
The Education Trust

Articles of Interest

Five Financial Realities Facing Students
Seven Principles for Undergraduate Education
Think of First Generation Students as Pioneers, Not Problems
Adaptive Learning for Course Transformation