Conference Breakout sessions 2017

October 3, 2017

Session I   1pm - 1:50pm            Session II   2pm - 2:50pm        Session III   3pm - 3:50pm

Sessions will take place in HMSU 307, 316, 321, 407, and 421
Breakout sessions are led by a mix of campus, state, and national leaders/experts on issues and themes linked to student success, both within and outside of the classroom. The sessions are designed to present content, but also to engage attendees in that content for application to the classroom, the co-curricular environment, or both.

Breakout Session I - (5 Options) 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Keep It Real (.pdf)
Presented by: Dr. Zenephia Evans – Director, Science Diversity Office, Purdue University
Room Location: HMSU 307

Session Abstract: The presenter will introduce Keep It Real as an innovative approach to continue dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion. Through this workshop, The presenter will provide tangible information and tools for educators and staff to assist students in being successful and learning to embrace difference and chart paths for understanding.

Dangerous Minds: Student Identity & Activism In A Climate of H.A.T.E
Presented by: Bryant K. Smith, President/CEO, Smith Consulting And Networking
               and Annette Brown, Purdue University/Division of Diversity & Inclusion
Room Location:  HMSU 316

Session Abstract: "Dangerous Minds" is a multimedia workshop that seeks to answer the question, “what does it mean to be a student activist in 2017?" It is a historical examination of the student activist experience in America, including how contemporary events such as the deaths of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner and the protests at the University of Missouri, University of Virginia, Purdue and Clemson all impact the narrative that students of color are apathetic and post racial. Critically engaging in its presentation this program will have audiences re-evaluating their views on racism, equality, and social justice.

Invited Session
Fostering Student Achievement for All: A Conversation with Dennis Bland

Presented by: Dennis Bland – President, Center for Leadership Development and member, Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Room Location:  HMSU 321

Session Abstract: Dennis Bland has worked tirelessly in support of empowering African-American youth in the Indianapolis area for academic and career success. In this interview format type session, Mr. Bland will speak to the conference theme and his observations of facilitators and inhibitors of achievement among historically marginalized young people and what colleges and universities can do to help close achievement gaps.

Developing Student-Driven Interventions for High Risk Student Populations (.pdf)
Presented by: Brooke Moreland – Assistant Director, IUPUI 21st Century Scholars Success Program, IUPUI
Room Location:  HMSU 407

Session Abstract: This session discusses the intentionality behind designing student-driven interventions for student populations who are considered high risk in a higher education context. Student-driven interventions are strategic plans developed by professionals for students, but with the help of students, making the plan intrinsically motivating, relevant, and more likely to be accomplished.

The New Student Intake Survey: Pilot of a Brief Self-Report Tool for Student Success (.pdf)
Presented by: Christina Downey – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success, Associate Professor of Psychology, Indiana University Kokomo
Room Location:  HMSU 421

Session Abstract: Institutions struggle to identify personal strengths and challenges students face when beginning college, especially early in their academic career. On commuter campuses particularly, life circumstances play a major role in student success. I will present an instrument we developed to reveal these life factors, with preliminary findings regarding its utility.

Breakout Session II - (5 Options) 2:00pm - 2:50pm

A Diverse and Inclusive Campus: Reducing the Push Out Effect
Presented by: Brice Yates – Director, Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center, Indiana State University
Room Location:  HMSU 307

Session Abstract: Diversity and inclusion are hot topic discussions across college and university campuses. The brunt of the work typically falls on the shoulders of diversity/multicultural centers and offices. Every college and university has a diversity mission statement, thus meaning the work of diversity and inclusion is meant to be shared responsibility among the campus community. This session will detail the tools and practices to make a campus more diverse and inclusive.

Teaching Blind: How Quality Online Instruction Erases Education Stereotypes and Closes Learning Gaps (.pdf)
Presented by: Lamia Scherzinger – Lecturer, Department of Kinesiology, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Room Location:  HMSU 316

Session Abstract: Walking into a classroom with possibly unrealized, though very real, education stereotypes can affect our students’ entire learning process. Discover how, through high-quality, engaging online instruction, educators can learn how to not only ‘not judge a book by its cover’, but not even see the cover in the first place.

Helping Faculty Close the Achievement Gap through Grit and Growth Mindset (.pdf)
Handout - 12-item Grit Scale
Handout - Growth Mindset and Grit
Handout - Dweck survey

Presented by: Dr. Linda Behrendt – Associate Professor, Department of Applied Health Sciences, Indiana State University
              and Dr. Caitlin Brez – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Indiana State University
Room Location:  HMSU 321

Session Abstract: Presenters will share their experience developing curriculum for faculty informed by the theories of growth mindset and grit focused on closing achievement gaps often present among first generation, low SES, and/or low academic achievement students. Through examination of these ideas and tools participants will evaluate which will be effective for them.

Invited Session
Quit your mumbling: Understanding oral versus print culture as it relates to students in poverty

Presented by: Dr. Amy French – Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Indiana State University,
                    Dr. Andy Morgan - Dean of Students, Indiana State University,
                    Dr. Donald Richards – Professor, Department of Economics, Indiana State University,
                    Dr. Michael Williamson – Assistant Professor, Applied Engineering and Technology Management, Indiana State University,
                    Mr. Paul Asay – Systems Administrator, Cunningham Memorial Library, Indiana State University
                    Ms. Valerie Craig – Assistant Director, Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center, Indiana State University
                    Ms. Trista Gibbons – Associate Director, Student Counseling Center, Indiana State University,
              and Mr. Daniel Skoglund – Instructor, Department of English, Indiana State University                   
Room Location:  HMSU 407

Session Abstract: A team of faculty and staff attended Donna Beegle’s summer Poverty Institute. This session will discuss oral and print communication styles as it relates to student success. Understanding the preferred communication and learning styles of our students living in poverty can lead to increased capacity to support them as they navigate academia.

Coaching Conversations in Meetings with Students (.pdf)
Handout - Questions for the ARC
Presented by: Gail Fairfield – Leader of Advisor Training & Development, Office of Completion and Student Success, Indiana University
               and Kelli Keener – Director, Office of Student Success and Advising, Indiana University – Kokomo
Room Location:  HMSU 421

Session Abstract: Do you want to integrate academic coaching into your student success paradigm – and influence more students than can be reached by designated coaches? In this workshop, learn how you can expand the impact of coaching by teaching academic advisors and other staff how to utilize coaching conversations within standard meetings.

Breakout Session III - (5 Options) 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Addressing Harsh Weather and Chilly Climates: Working to close the opportunity gap for lower income students on college campuses (.pdf)
Presented by: Kalyn Miller – Director, 21st Century Scholars, Marian University
Room Location:  HMSU 307

Session Abstract: During this session, the presenter will share strategies Marian University’s 21st century Scholars Program has utilized to close the opportunity gap for lower income students. Participants will also work in groups on case studies to think about and discuss systemic issues that present barriers to lower income students on college campuses.

Reaching Beyond the Campus: The Power of Online Student Engagement (.pdf)
Presented by: Lisa Hughes – Instructional Design Specialist, Indiana State University
              and Csilla Stewart – Instructional Design Specialist, Indiana State University
Room Location:  HMSU 316

Session Abstract: In this session, attendees will participate in several technologies designed to enhance instruction and engage students. With specific attention to online learning environments, the presenters will share and demonstrate free digital resources that will inspire instructors and students alike. Come join us for this interactive session to experience these tools for yourself!

Mastery Learning for Student Success: Failure as an Opportunity
Presented by: Tara Kingsley – Assistant Professor, Indiana University Kokomo
Room Location:  HMSU 321

Session Abstract: Let’s debunk the pressure and stigma of failure in the college classroom and reconsider the role of the traditional grade book—not as a ranking system, but as a reflection of mastery. Come explore technologies and classroom design that can provide the space and feedback to support mastery learning.

The Engaging Professor: Using Polling Technology to Increase Student Engagement.
Presented by: Dr. Catherine L. Polydore – Associate Professor, Eastern Illinois University
Room Location:  HMSU 407

Session Abstract: Multiple studies conducted on the use of polling technology in the classroom suggest an overall positive impact on student performance, yet instructors are slow to adopt citing steep learning curves, cost among others. This session will demonstrate some readily available, easy to use technology. Theoretical framework will also be presented.

Underpinning Academic Mindset: How Students Can Change Their Minds and Why They Should
Presented by: Jane Janovyak – TRIO Student Support Services; Ivy Tech Community College
Room Location:  HMSU 421

Session Abstract: This session considers the links between the academic mindsets held by student, their understanding of brain development and plasticity, and their resulting ability to understand and alter their own thinking habits.

HigherEDCamp 2017 Sessions