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Purpose of the Library

The Student Affairs Assessment Resource Library provides a wealth of information regarding assessment in higher education, along with examples of best practices, instructional information, templates, and a host of other resources to assist assessment efforts at the unit level. 

Internal Documents and Resources

Division Master Assessment Plan

How to Write a Report of Findings: provides an instructional template to guide report writing in a consistent and appropriate format for academic settings.

Accreditation Assessment Model:  A PowerPoint presentation of the assessment model adopted by the Division of Student Affairs

Accreditation Assessment Model Worksheets

University Learning Outcomes Assessment (UniLOA) Handbook:  A nationally-normed instrument designed to measure student growth, learning, and development along seven critical domains.

External Documents and Resources

NASPA Region IV-E Assessment Website

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes: A large "links" website for locating internet resources for assessment in higher education