Personal Safety

Your student’s safety on campus is vitally important to the University. The need for campus security is broader than personal safety. It is central to ISU’s educational mission. There are many steps students can take to protect themselves from crime. Many crimes occur because there was an opportunity for them to happen. For example, most crimes of theft and burglary are random, not calculated. They occur because students leave a residence hall door or a car door unlocked. On a campus like ISU,  it is easy to think that nothing will happen. But crime can happen anywhere.

Students should follow these simple steps to reduce the chances of victimization:

Students who have been a victim of a crime or have been involved in a personal safety issue on the ISU campus are encouraged to report the incident to the Public Safety Department or some other University official. The following are resources available to students.

The Indiana State University Public Safety Department is centrally located on campus at 210 North 6th Street. The mission of the Public Safety Department is to provide a professional, service-oriented department, which is proactive in reducing criminal opportunity and community anxiety, and which enhances the image of Indiana State University by maintaining a socially supportive environment conducive to the academic mission.

The Public Safety Department issues parking permits required for all students operating a vehicle on campus. Forms are available online and permits can be purchased at the Public Safety Web site at are encouraged to purchase the permit electronically to avoid long lines. For more information call 237-3888.