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Community service

Field trips with children and grandchildren?
Teaching a CPR Class?
Delivering meals to homes of older adults?

These are just a few examples of ways to use your community service!  Visit the Center for Community Engagement for their upcoming Events, Policies, and forms.


staff discounts & incentives

Oil Change coupons!
Relaxation Discounts!
Amusement Park Savings!
Hotel rate specials!
Not to mention, local eatery discounts - Yum!

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training and development

See what our HR Department has available on their Training and Development page


resources to assist with resolving uncomfortable working conditions

Occasionally, conflicts or uncomfortable situations do arise and you may wonder if your rights as an employee are being violated. The purpose of the following links is to assist with organizing your thoughts, plans, and actions in a professional manner as well as resolving the situation.



Campus policies



Are you TOO NICE to our Student-Athletes?

Consistent with our goal of developing positive character, citizenship, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, Indiana State University and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics commit to the letter and spirit of all rules and regulations of the University and athletic bodies to which we belong. Find out if you are too nice to our student-athletes.


A Guide to NCAA Rules for Alumni and Friends of Sycamore Athletics


QPR, stands for Question * Persuade * Refer. It is a program offered through Mental Health America. The whole point of the program is to have many eyes and ears out in the community, watching for possible signs that a person is in distress, then refer them to the professionals. So this does NOT in any way replace mental health/counseling professionals, it is an aid to them. Our counseling/psych staff can’t be everywhere on campus, so this gives them added assistance in spotting those who need help.

Since our reps are all over campus, I thought the training might be good for us. The bonus of the training is that it is usable in all areas, whether frequented by staff, faculty or students. (BTW, recent statistics indicate that suicide rates have seen a large increase in the middle-aged populations).

The trainings are FREE, but space is limited to 25 at each session. The first session is on August 13, 2015 and the second one on August 18, 2015.


Wil Downs already has several folks on his staff signed up for the training, and I know that this
flyer has been passed around to numerous departments on campUS.