Registered Student Organizations are able to reserve spaces in HMSU for no room rental costs. Spaces can be reserved to host several different types of activities, from meetings to social gatherings. A few notes to consider when requesting space in HMSU.


Event Planning Meeting for Students:  Location date and time-TBA


Classroom locations are scheduled through the Registration and Records Office, 812-237-2020, If you need a classroom for a one-time special event, please contact us and we will work with the classroom scheduler to secure your location. Evening and weekend use may require that we arrange for buildings to be unlocked for you.

Venues that we schedule are not available for regular classes. They are, however, appropriate for guest speakers, conferences, special celebrations and banquets.


Recurring Meetings: HMSU can be reserved by registered Student Organizations for recurring meetings. Space may be reserved no more than one year in advance on a first come first serve basis, except as noted in the Priority Schedule. When a recurring meeting is being scheduled, the same room will be assigned for each meeting date whenever possible. To minimize confusion and duplication, we ask that only one person from your group be in contact with Conference and Event Services staff. Once the reservation is made, your organization may not re-assign the space to another group, or have a different type of event than what was planned.

The Dede rooms are not scheduled for regularly occurring meetings, with the exception for Dede III, during non-prime hours. Non-prime time hours include, 9:00pm – 11:45pm, Monday thru Thursday and 5:00pm – 11:45pm on Sunday. Additionally, the 9th floor of HMSU is not reservable for recurring meetings.

You will be e-mailed or given a copy of the confirmation detailing your meeting rooms for each meeting date. Please keep a copy of the confirmation for your records. Conference and Event Services and HMSU staff reserves the right to change reservations to rooms if deemed necessary.

No room will be opened for any group that is not listed on the daily reservations report provided to the HMSU staff. You will need to contact Conference and Event Services the next business day if there is a discrepancy with any room reservation. Classroom space in academic buildings may be available at no charge. Requests are processed on a semester basis, after classes have been accommodated.

SPECIAL EVENTs and meetings