Purchasing & Central Receiving

Furniture Purchases:

Many things have to be considered when making decisions about furniture purchases.  Installation, removal, size of space, color ways, function and available ADA accommodations are always a consideration.  ISU Purchasing currently has a contract for furniture purchases up to $50,000.00 list price/ or $25,000.00 discounted price with a specific vendor.  Projects that are estimated to exceed these amounts must be bid out; and are not covered by the contract.  RJE Business Interiors currently has the contract with ISU.  Shelly Langona is the RJE Vice-President of Sales, and our account executive, and can be reached at 317-713-6332, or by email at slangona@rjefurn.com. If you have questions regarding the status of pending RJE purchase orders or delivery dates contact Shelly.

Please note that all furniture purchases must include a provision for installation/placement by the vendor. ISU Facilities no longer has staff to accommodate departmental requests for furniture assembly. RJE offers a turnkey service. That means your quoted price includes all delivery, installation and rubbish removal for each order unless otherwise indicated on your quote. RJE is the primary supplier of office furniture for campus departments. However, Purchasing also works with other vendors who provide installation as a routine part of their services to the University, whenever RJE is unable to provide a specific  line or model. These dealer/vendors include:

Thiemann Office Products (Mark Thiemann, owner) P-235-8149, F-234-3333, Mark@thiemannop.com

Staples Business Interiors (Diann Bowers) P-317-280-4943, F-317-280-4960, Diann.Bowers@Staples.com

Please have the answers to the following questions so that assistance can be expedited in a fast and efficient manner.

What area is the furniture for?  (Please include a building and room name and/ or number)

What will the furniture be used for?  (Desks? Seminars?  Conferences?)

How many people will be using the furniture?  (A desk for one? Or a conference table for 10?)

What is the amount of available budget dollars that have been allocated for the project?

Who is the main contact for this project; and what is his/ her extension and e-mail address?

When does the furniture need to be in place? 

(Most furniture has a 6-8 week lead time after order is placed. During the summer months or for custom items the lead time can be up to 10 weeks). 

** Just a note that each department will need to make their own arrangements with moving out old furniture to make room for installation of new.  This requires some planning by the department.  Advanced arrangements with Central Stores will need to be made if the department wishes for Central Stores to come and remove old surplus items.

Since Facilities Management no longer has resources to assemble furniture for campus departments, and Thiemann Office Products have agreed to assemble/install desks, shelves, chairs, wall partitions, etc., at a fixed hourly rate, when that service is not included in your quote or by turnkey agreement with RJE Business Interiors. Departments are welcome to contact Mark Thiemann at the numbers listed above, with their requests.