ISU Purchasing Department

 Procurement Card updated January 19, 2023
  Application: Best if accessed with Google Chrome or Safari.

Application must be typed

  1. Download Application. Save to your computer. Then open document from the saved location.
  2. Fill out all fillable fields on the JPMChase Application - Applicant Section (page one, sections 1-4 and 6 only). Do Not sign or date application or make any entries other than entries in the fillable fields. You can tab from one fillable field to the next. Make no changes to page one (the application itself).
  3. Section 3 of page one, line two, is your Department Name/Abbreviation, such as AETM, Community Engagement, or VP Student Affairs.
  4. When printed, some hidden information will print out. This is how the application is designed. Example: Indiana State University and Company number at top of form will appear after printing, but you cannot access or see those fields.
  5. Read, review and sign (on page 3) the rest of the material after printing out all pages. The Approver must also sign and date the application. The Approver is the person who has the authority of approving purchases for the index you will use as default for the ProCard.
  6. The bank is very specific about the format of the application and the accuracy of your information. They check your information for accuracy. If your application isn't complete and correct, you may have to complete another application. The Federal government requires complete and correct information from the bank.

Open link below ONLY after reading above

Link to Procurement Card Application

Email to Kara Sterling

Sales Tax Exemption Form (PDF)

Limit Adjustments

Your card will initially be assigned limits of $1,500 per purchase and $3,500 per cycle. Increases in procard per-transaction and monthly cycle limits can be requested by using form above. Please print out the form, complete it and have the approver sign off, then email to Kara Sterling. Your form will be reviewed by Purchasing.

Procard Limit Adjustment Form (PDF) - Save form to your desktop, then open from there.

If you are transferring departments you must first cancel your old card by coming to the Purchasing Office, then you may request a new card by clicking on the "Procurement Card Application" link above.

Procurement Card Rules & Guidelines

Cardholder Quick Reference Guide for SDG2 System