End of Current Year/Start of New Year Procurement Procedures


Departments should follow these instructions concerning the end of the current Fiscal Year and the start of the new Fiscal Year procurement procedures. For questions, contact Purchasing at 812-237-3600.

New Year Requisitions

The NEW YEAR requisitions for standing orders, maintenance orders, and/or any New Year requisitions that need some lead-time for bidding purposes, may be entered in the Banner System starting May 16.

Many Standing Blanket Orders for the coming Fiscal Year may now be handled on the Procurement Card. Departments will probably want to continue using Standing Blanket Orders for Maintenance Agreements and for Construction Contracts where there is an hourly labor rate.

Please be sure to follow these steps on the Banner Requisition Form (FPAREQN) in order to charge New Year requisitions to FY23:

When entering a New Year Requisition in Banner:

New Year Standing Orders & Maintenance Standing Orders

In the DOCUMENT TEXT please type the following: “Last Year’s Purchase Order Number: _____(then type in the FY22 Purchase Order Number).

For standing orders or maintenance orders, if the monthly dollar amount is known:

For all standing orders for miscellaneous supplies, or for maintenance standing orders, when the monthly dollar amount is unknown:

Be sure to provide the following information on your equipment maintenance orders:

Entering Current Year Requisitions

June 9 is the last day for entering current year requisitions in Banner for purchases over $1,500.00, as Purchasing will need time to send out quotes. Legal bids, construction bids, and contracts may also require additional lead time.

June 10 is the last day for entering all requisitions from the current year’s budget. All requisitions entered after June 10 will be NEW YEAR requisitions and the TRANSACTION DATE needs to be July 1, 2022.

No Change Orders will be processed on Current Purchase Orders after June 17, 2022. The Controller’s Office will announce when further changes can be made.

Procurement Cards

The Procurement Card is to be used on all Guy Brown/Staples Orders. Please do NOT enter a “Guy Brown” Standing Order. The ProCard should be used for most purchases under $1,500.00. ProCard applications can be downloaded from https://www2.indstate.edu/purchasing/ProCard/Pcard.htm.

Last date to make accounting changes in SDG2 for FY22 is July 7 (postdate).

All charges with a postdate of June 26 through July 2 will be uploaded into Banner on July 8 and recorded in FY22.

All charges with a postdate of July 3 and after will be recorded in FY23.

Computer Orders

The first step in ordering a computer is to create, but do not complete a requisition. Go to: https://indstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1851/Portal/Requests/ServiceCatalog?CategoryID=11386

For Non Standard Equipment, if you wish to have the money encumbered from FY22 funds you will need to start this process at least two weeks prior to June 9.

The Purchasing & Central Receiving Department is a Division of Finance and Administration.