University Police

Contact: 812-237-5555

Staff Directory

PDF Organizational Chart

The Department is divided into the following divisions:

Administration Division

Joseph Newport Chief of Police
Michele Barrett Assistant Chief of Police
Ian Loomis Captain
Jeff Bellinger Lieutenant
David Smith Lieutenant
Tamara McCollough Clery Compliance Lieutenant
Jacquelyn Smith Community Development Sergeant
Tammy Parker Assistant to Chief of Police

Patrol Division

Brenda Edington Sergeant
Brent Denny Sergeant
Brian Pierce Corporal
Wendell McCollough Corporal
Jeffrey Bucklin Corporal
Austin Wolfe Officer
Michael Eldred Officer
David Barber Officer
Christopher Heleine Officer
Andrew Piske Officer
Craig Wright Officer
Jordan Gentry Officer
Jeffery Stinson Officer
Aaron Sloan Officer
Thierno Diallo Officer
Jacob Harrison Officer
Adarius Washington Officer
Andrew Thomas Officer

Bike Patrol

David Smith Lieutenant/Bike Patrol
Jacquelyn Smith Sergeant/Bike Patrol
Brent Denny Sergeant/Bike Patrol
Jeff Bucklin Corporal/Bike Patrol
Jeff Stinson Officer/Bike Patrol
Chris Heleine Officer/Bike Patrol
David Barber Officer/Bike Patrol
Craig Wright Officer/Bike Patrol
Jordan Gentry Officer/Bike Patrol
Andrew Piske Officer/Bike Patrol
Aaron Sloan Officer/Bike Patrol
Jacob Harrison Officer/Bike Patrol
Adarius Washington Officer/Bike Patrol Adarius

Investigations/Records Division

David Smith Lieutenant
Daniel Parmer Sergeant
Karen James Records Coordinartor

Community Development & Crime Prevention

Jacquelyn Smith Sergeant

Communications Division

Jeff Bellinger Lieutenant
Gloria Ighile Communications Coordinator
Andrew Gonthier Communications Officer
Emily Rigdon Communications Officer
Sara Loudermilk Communications Officer
Hanna Mills Communications Officer
Allison Carden Communications Officer


Public Safety, Room 101
Indiana State University
Fax: 812.237.8207