Program Requirements

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Completion of either Master's program requires a minimum of 32 credit hours of work. Although it is possible to finish the program in one calendar year, a more realistic timetable is between a year-and-a-half and two years, particularly if students elect to complete a thesis, as is generally the case.

Course work is required in the following areas:

At least two from among:

In addition to Psychological Research (PSY 602) and Statistics (PSY 604), 26 credit hours are required.

For additional information about these courses (including instructors and days/times), please visit the on-line course schedule here.

To read descriptions of these courses, please see the 2011 - 2012 Graduate Catalog. You may download the catalog as a PDF for later reference.

A culminating research experience is required of both master of arts and master of science students. Master of science students may earn a minimum of three, and a maximum of six, hours for their research. Master of arts students enroll in six hours for their thesis projects. Master of arts and master of science students have committees appointed to oversee their research.

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