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Scott College Of Business - ProMBA in Plainfield


The Professional MBA is provided for one, ALL-INCLUSIVE fee of $4,944 per term for students beginning in the fall 2018.*

This fee includes:

  • Tuition and fees
  • All required textbooks and materials
  • ISU information technology services
  • Evening meals on class nights
  • Student access to recreation, sports, and other Indiana State University events
  • Career Center services
  • Networking and speaker events
  • Registration, advising, library and all other student services

There are no other fees associated with the Professional MBA. The total cost for the two year program is $29,664.*

* Tuition and fee rate as of August 2017; amount will be fixed at the time of your enrollment and will not increase as long as you progress on-time through the program.


You can differentiate yourself from others with the Professional MBA. You will learn new skills, improve your career prospects, and more…


The total cost of the Professional MBA is $29,664. Students are responsible for making a payment of $4,944.00 for each of the six terms of the program according to the regular university payment schedule. There are no other university fees for which the student will be responsible.*

The following table represents the payment structure for the two-year Professional MBA program:*

Term Tuition and Fees
Fall 2018 4,944.00
Spring 2019 4,944.00
Summer 2019 4,944.00
Fall 2019 4,944.00
Spring 2020 4,944.00
Summer 2020 4,944.00
Total for entire program $29,664.00

*Tuition and fee rate as of August 2017; amount will be fixed at the time of your enrollment and will not increase as long as you progress on-time through the program.

The Graduate Programs office is happy to work with our students regarding financial aid. Please contact us if you need assistance.


Graduate students may qualify for federal student loans through the Office of Student Financial Aid at Indiana State University. Students may be eligible for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, Federal Direct Stafford Loan, or private alternative loan. More information can be found at www.indstate.edu/finaid.


Students may also be eligible for scholarships through the Scott College of Business. Please visit http://indstate.edu/business/scholarships/ for eligibility guidelines and information on how to apply.

Should an employer wish to pay for the program on the student/employee’s behalf, contact needs to be made with ISU Bursar Office or the Graduate Programs office. The student/employer may contact Bursar Operations direct at 812-237-3511 for assistance.

Once you have begun the program, and prior to first day of a new term, a 100% refund will be made to you if you have paid your fees for the upcoming term, but are not able to continue in the program. Beginning with the first day of the term and after, no refunds will be granted. Students who stop out of the program for one or more semesters, then re-enroll, will be assessed the prevailing rate of the new cohort that they join.

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