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Unified Communications Schedule

Unified Communications: 

As previously announced the University is in the process of implementing Unified Communications.  This implementation requires a conversion of telephone lines from the existing telephone switch to Skype for Business. 

The tentative implementation schedule is listed below. Please note, this schedule may change based on input from departments.  Email feedback regarding the tentative schedule to UnifiedCommunications@mail.indstate.edu

 The presentation material used by OIT for the 5/22/17 President’s Advisory Council is available >>here<<.

Remaining Migrations
Building Migration Start
Library 6/3/19
Early Childhood Education Center 6/17/19
Public Safety 7/8/19
Student Services 7/22/19
Science 9/23/19
Root Hall 10/14/19
AACC, New Theater 12/2/19


Completed Migrations
Career Center  
Center for Performing Arts  
Dreiser Hall  
Facilities Management and Purchasing
Fine Arts, Art Annex, Fairbanks Hall
Federal Hall
Gillum Hall
Holmstedt Hall
Hulman Field
Parsons Hall - (Basement)
Parsons Hall - Group 2 (Floors 1 & 2)
Rankin Hall
Stalker Hall
Student Rec Center
Technology Annex
Technology Building
Tirey Hall
University Hall
Welcome Center