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Student Printing - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Print Account Information


Students receive a print allotment at the beginning of each semester in which they are enrolled. Undergraduates get $20 (650 b/w pages), and graduates get $30 (1000 b/w pages) credited to their accounts. Allotment that is left in the account at the end of the semester will roll-over from Fall to Spring and from Spring to Summer. However, at the end of the Summer semester all print account allotments will be reset to zero.

Understanding "Purses"
A print account actually consists of three "purses"; Credit, Allotment, and Cash. The "credit" purse is where any bad prints will be credited back to your account, the "allotment" will hold the standard semester amount given to all students, and the "cash" purse will hold any money you added to your account. When you print, the system will first charge the "credit" purse until it is zero, then the "allotment" purse, and finally the "cash" purse.

Adding Money to a Print Account

Money can be added to the "cash" purse in a print account by visiting the Student Computer Support Center (Walk-in Technology Support Center) located in the Stalker Hall basement, Room 009. Visit the TSC website for hours.

Checking Print Account Balance

Students will not be able to print into a negative balance. If there is a balance of $0.12 and the job will cost $0.15, then the system will not send it through. Therefore, it is very important for students to keep track of their print account balance. To check a balance, simply swipe your student ID card or log in with your username and password on any Print Release Station terminal, then click "Account".


What will be credited

Print jobs with a mechanical defect such as streaks on the page, areas of too light printing, or issues of a similar nature that are caused by printer malfunction will be credited. Note that if the printer jams, the print job will be reprinted once the jam is cleared. An OIT technician will arrive within a few minutes to clear the jam.

What will NOT be credited

Credits will not be issued for "user error." Common issues are: blank pages at the end of a file, printing too many copies, printing to the color queue instead of black/white. Before you send a print job, carefully proofread your document and check it in print preview. Before you release a job from the Print Release Station, check the cost amount in the lower left corner of the terminal to make sure it is the amount you expect.

How to Get a Credit

Please visit the Technology Support Center within seven days of the failed print job. After examining the print job, they will create a ticket for a credit. It may take up to two business days for a credit to be issued. The credit will be added back in to your printing account (see Print Account Information section).

Printing Information


It costs $0.03 per page to print black/white (the "Student_BW" queue) and $0.15 per page to print color (the "Student_Color" queue.)


Print jobs sent to "Student_BW" will print in black/white only and will be charged $0.03 per page. Print jobs sent to "Student_Color" will print in color and be charged $0.15 per page. All 31 stations on campus are capable of printing in black/white and color.

Time Limits

Print jobs will be held in the queue for 24 hours. After the time limit is expired, print jobs are deleted automatically. Deleted jobs are not charged.

Copying and Scanning

OIT is still investigating and testing the scanning/copying functions on the student printers. While it is possible that some stations will be equipped with this functionality in the future, it will still not be available for some time. Please do not tamper with protective devices or remove parts in an attempt to use the copying/scanner functions. Scanning is available in the Library computer clusters. Copies can be made for a nominal fee by visiting the Ricoh Resource Center in the HMSU Commons.

Envelopes, Labels, and Special Paper

Do not attempt to print envelopes, labels or use any other type of special paper with the student printers. The use of any other paper in the printers can cause costly damage and downtime. The student printers are setup to only print to standard 8.5x11 letter size paper. The paper level is monitored and stocked by OIT approved staff only. Please do not open the paper trays for any reason. If you happen to find a printer that does not have paper, please contact the TSC so a support ticket can be generated. If you have a print job that requires anything besides the paper supplied by OIT, please visit the Ricoh Resource Center in the HMSU-Commons. They can provide many of these services for a nominal fee.

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