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Frequently Asked Questions - Sycamores Email (Office 365)

  1. What are the important dates for the switch to the new email system?
     June 6, 2013 at 12:01am – WindowsLive email System will be migrated to Office 365.

  2. Why was June 6, 2013 selected as the date to upgrade WindowsLive to Office 365 (Sycamores email)?
    This date is between the Fall and Spring terms and will allow students time to become familiar with the new email system prior to the start of classes in Fall 2013. Microsoft was very prescriptive on the dates that we could migrate. ISU chose an earlier date, but requested a deferral so that it would not impact the end of the 2013 Spring semester.

  3. Why is ISU migrating to Office 365?
    Microsoft requires that ISU migrate to Office 365. Microsoft’s current email system, WindowsLive, is being retired by Microsoft so anyone using it must migrate to Office 365.

  4. What will change after the migration?
    There will be a change to your Skydrive. You will still be able to access your Skydrive files at using your Sycamores username and password after the migration, but you will not be able to access your Skydrive files directly from Office 365.

    Microsoft describes this as two accounts:
    • An Office 365 account. This account is managed by the ISU, and is used to access your Sycamores Email account.
    • A personal Microsoft account. This account can be used to access existing SkyDrive content, Messenger, Zune, and Xbox settings. There are several important differences between the personal Microsoft account and the user's previous WindowsLive account:
      • The Microsoft account is now a personal account for you.
      • This account uses the same user name and password as the WindowsLive account did, but the Microsoft account cannot be administered by ISU. Therefore ISU cannot reset the password for the personal account.

  5. Will this affect accessing email from my smartphone?
    Yes. You will need to change the server address on your smartphone to You can find directions for changing your Android or Apple IOS device at

    Note that Indiana State University no longer administers the new SkyDrive account as in the past. As a result, we cannot reset the password for you. Use to reset the password for your personal account after the upgrade.

    You will notice a slightly different look, but other than that you will not see much difference when you log in to Office 365.

  6. Is there functionality in my migrated Sycamores email account (Office 365) similar to the current email system?
    Yes. Your new account will allow you perform the same functions as you are currently.

  7. How will I know what my new (Office 365) email address will be?
    Your email address will not change from the current format of

  8. How will I access my new (Office 365) Sycamores email account?
    a. By using a web browser and logging directly into
    b. Through the MyISU Cloud by logging in and clicking on the Sycamores Email Badge under the MyISU Apps Tab
    c. Web enabled mobile device (see question, “How do I access my Sycamores email account through my smartphone?”).

  9. Can I access my new Sycamores Email account without going through the MyISU portal?
    Yes. See examples in question 8.

  10. How do I access my new (Office 365) Sycamores Email account through my smartphone?
    Students using mobile devices that want or need integrated access to their Sycamores email will need to use/select a mobile device or smart phone that supports Microsoft Exchange - ActiveSync. Because the selection of a smart phone and/or carrier (vendor) is very subjective and highly dependent on personal preference, ISU is not able to make product or vendor recommendations. Likewise, the large number of phone alternatives also substantially limits the support that can be provided. If you feel you need assistance with configuring your phone (setup) to access your Sycamores email account (although many will probably do that themselves) you should print the information below and give it to the phone vendor’s technical support personnel – with that information, they will be able to quickly configure the phone to get you going.

    Email Address:

    Exchange Server Address:

    If you are trying to configure an Apple IOS device check out the step-by-step instructions here.

    If you are trying to configure an Android device check out the step-by-step instructions here.

    If you are trying to configure a Windows Device check out the step-by-step instructions here.

    For other devices, check this LINK for instructions for your particular phone type.

  11. Do I need migrate my address books over to my Office 365 Email account?
    Your Address book information will be moved automatically from your current Windows Live Mail to Office 365.

  12. Do I need migrate my calendar over to my Office 365 Email account?
    Your current email calendar will be moved automatically from your current Windows Live Mail to Office 365.

  13. Will the mailing lists that I subscribe to still work properly after June 6, 2013 when I am on (Office 365) Sycamores Email?
    Yes, because you email address will not change and you will continue to receive message from your subscribed mailing lists.

  14. Where can I find help about my new (Office 365) Sycamores Email account?
    Once you have logged in to your new (Office 365) Sycamores Email account additional help can be found under “?” next to the “Find Someone” box on the site or by visiting the Computer Support Center located in the Student Computing Complex or by contacting the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.

  15. Why was Microsoft (Office 365) Sycamores Email chosen as the student email system?
    Microsoft hosted Office 365 was chosen for its feature rich environment, accessibility and cost.

  16. Why should I always change my password for my Sycamores Email on the MyISU Cloud?
    Changing it on the MyISU Cloud will synchronize it to your (Office 365) Sycamores Email account.

  17. Can my password contain my username?
    No. You cannot include your username as part of your password.

  18. Will I get two email addresses if I am an employee and a student?
    Yes. Please remember that you should keep your ISU employee related email separate from your student related email. It is against ISU policy to forward your University employee email to an external email account. You should also not forward your Sycamores Email account to your ISU Exchange account. If you leave the University you will not be able to keep your ISU Exchange account and you would lose your student related email.

  19. If I am an employee or faculty member and not a student can I get a Sycamores Email account?
    No. A faculty member or employee should only be using the ISU Exchange system for ISU related business. Sycamores Email is only for student related email.

  20. What browsers/versions are supported?
    The following browsers and version are currently supported:
    • Internet Explorer 10,9, 8, IE 7, and IE 6 for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    • Mozilla Firefox version 3 and later (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari version 4 and later

    For more information visit here
  21. Are other Languages supported?
    Office 365 speaks a number of languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

    For more information visit here.

  22. Will previous alumni email addresses ( be changed to the new format or remain the same?
    Current alumni email addresses use the format of and will not be changed. Future alumni will keep their forever.


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