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Service Levels

This Service Level Guide is associated with our Service Catalog. Each service in the catalog has a service level agreement (SLA) showing how quickly you can expect us to complete that service for you. We expect to meet that SLA a very high percentage of the time for our essential services.

SLAs are intended to give you information you can rely on, so that you can plan your activities as we are performing the service you have requested from us.

OIT has reporting and processes that help us to meet our SLAs. When we don’t meet them, we have a commitment to understand why. This is part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

You can find our SLA list >here<.

One more thing: OIT understands that every standard is likely to have an exception from time to time. If you need us to perform a service for you more quickly than our SLA indicates, please call x2910 and make the request, indicating why there is a need for urgent resolution. We will do the best we can to meet your requirement.