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OIT News

Gone Whaling - Laser-Sighted Phishing for the Bigger Phish

Cyberscams have become old hat, and everyone has acclimated to the ploys of online criminals and their attempts to steal passwords, personal information, and ultimately money. Now the Phisherman are moving into the water with a more convincing scam. Whaling, also known as Spear-Phishing, is an effort toward catching a 'bigger fish', which could be an executive, payroll employee, or someone similar in an organization who has a specific role dealing with the private sensitive data of a large amount of employees.

In 2016, more than 50 organizations have been successfully targeted by W-2 spear phishing attacks since January. The IRS has reported a 400% increase in these types of incidents specific to tax information this year.  Indiana State University employees have been excellent in identifying some seemingly authentic requests thus far, but one of the best tools for preventing a Whaling incident is user awareness.

If you are asked to reveal personal or financial information of Indiana State University students, faculty, of staff via email by an Indiana State University employee or any other individual, you should not respond. Call them, confirm the legitimacy of their request, and discuss a secure method of transmitting this type of data. Also, never hesitate to contact your OIT area consultant, or forward the email message to, where OIT personnel can review the authenticity of the email and act accordingly.

Do not just click on links in emails, but instead copy them into your web browser to verify their validity. This includes Indiana State University OIT links in emails too!

No Indiana State University employee will ever ask for a username and password in email or over the phone.

If you think your username and password have been compromised, call the ISU OIT Help Desk at 812-237-2910.

Click here to read the full article.

Office 365/Sycamores Email (Student email) "Clutter" Issue

OIT has been notified that some important and time-sensitive emails from the University to students are being sent to a folder called “Clutter” in Sycamores email. Some examples of misdirected emails could include notification of deadlines for Financial Aid, graduation information, and messages from faculty.

Please direct students to do the following:

  • Have students go to their Sycamores email and check their “Clutter” folder.  Some messages may have gone there directly, and students may not have seen them yet because they never reached their e-mail inbox.  Students should take action on these e-mails as necessary.
  • If there are messages that should be directed to the student’s inbox, have them right-click on the message and select “Move to Inbox”.  This should help the system learn that they prefer emails from those senders to go to their inbox, and not directly to the “Clutter” folder.
  • If you they have a large number of messages in their “Clutter” folder, they can click here for more information.

What students should do regularly in the future:
In the future, students should regularly check the “Clutter” folder to see what has been moved into this folder.  Whenever they encounter a situation where someone says they sent them an e-mail, or they expect to receive an e-mail, and they didn’t receive it then they should check their “Clutter” folder, similar to the way they would check their “junk” or "spam" folders.

What is “Clutter”?
In the fall of 2015, Microsoft added a new feature to Office 365 email called “Clutter.” According to the Microsoft blogs that announced this feature, “Clutter is a feature in Office 365 designed to help you focus on the most important messages in your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder.” How the Clutter folder works is dependent upon how the user manages their email once it is received. Go here to learn more about “Clutter”.

Here’s what we’re doing about this:
We are investigating solutions to prevent official Indiana State University messages from going directly to students’ Clutter folders.  Please check the OIT site for more information and updates on this topic.


Beginning on January 25, 2016, OIT will use our centralized software distribution capabilities to make two changes to the Windows environment for each faculty members’ primary computer.  These changes are required to improve our environment for data security and workstation stability.  These changes will:

  • Load a software application called Viewfinity that will allow self-service, temporary granting of administrator rights when something needs to be changed on a faculty computer
  • Once we have seen Viewfinity distribute successfully to faculty computers, we will remove primary administrator rights

The end result of these two changes is that faculty will no longer have generalized administrator rights on their computers.  Instead, when you need to make a change (update software, load drivers, etc.), Viewfinity will sense that need and grant you temporary administrator rights to do what you need to do. 

For more information about Viewfinity click >>here<<.

E-Mail Retention/Centralized Archive Rollout
In collaboration with ISU senior leadership, OIT is implementing new tools and processes for electronic mail management and retention. These tools and processes will be implemented department by department during the spring of 2016.

Our electronic mail retention and management procedures must be brought in line with our document retention guidelines, as well as best practices for the efficient and effective use of departmental information and resources. We have new capabilities available to us in our Exchange/Outlook environment that further these purposes. We are implementing these tools/capabilities:
1) E-mail archives will now be stored on our centralized servers rather than on each workstation's hard drive
2) Tags can be used to identify a retention period and an archival period for e-mails

NOTE: OIT will meet with every department to schedule a time to activate these new settings. Until we meet with your department and schedule a time to activate them, these new settings do not apply to you.

Click >>here<< for more information about this initiative.

Help Desk Update
The Office of Information Technology has combined its help desk services into a single location to make finding technical help easier for the ISU campus. We are open for walk-in support for students, staff, and faculty in the lower level of Stalker Hall, room 009. At this location we do general computer servicing, hardware repair (for covered equipment), as well as provide usage instruction for Blackboard and other instructional software.

Let us know how we can help!
Email General:
Email Blackboard:

Phone General: 812-237-2910
Phone Blackboard: 812-237-7000

Hours of Operation
Mon – Thur 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Fri 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sat – Sun 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

New and returning students and student organizations:

Classroom & Event Technology Support has a set of policies regarding checkouts and usage of audio/visual equipment. Please see for details.

Unified Messaging
The Office of Information Technology will be implementing Unified Messaging (UM) on November 2nd, 2015. As the name implies, “unified messaging” is a consolidation of functions related to communications of various types, specifically e-mail, calendaring, contact administration, and voice mail. This combines Email, Voicemail, and Calendar on your phone and in Outlook. It is a simple interface that integrates your commonly used services so that they are only a phone call, using Outlook Voice Access, or a click away, using the Outlook desktop client.

With Unified Messaging you have access to Exchange Email, Calendaring, and Contacts on your phone. That is, you will be able to listen and respond to your recent emails, as well as upcoming calendar appointments, and search your Outlook contacts using your phone. You also have access to your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook. That is, when you receive a voice mail on your phone, you will now begin to receive an e-mail representation of that, including a text-to-speech representation and a .mp3 file that you can click and play directly from your e-mail.

Please read the Quick Start Guide, >> Available Here <<. This guide will walk you through the setup and use of the new system. Additionally, you can access the OIT website to find information regarding voicemail, including a FAQ list.

If you need to access your old voicemail after the implementation of UM, you can dial x3300 from your campus phone and enter your PIN, as you do now. Access to the old system, will remain enabled for 14 days after the implementation. You must check and dispense with all voice mails in the old system by November 16th, as they will be inaccessible after that time, with no exceptions.

If you have concerns that this change will cause issues for your department, please email
On November 2: visit Gillum Hall Room 101 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. OIT will provide individualized assistance in setting up your voicemail, or in response to questions or problems. At any time: contact the Technical Support Center at x2910 so we may respond to your question or input as quickly as possible.


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