National Inclusive Martial Arts Academy


The Academy is located at Indiana State University, utilizing faculty and
resources of the department of kinesiology, Recreation and Sport. our areas within this unit include the recreation, recreation therapy and Martial Arts programs.

Our vision is two-fold:

  1. Provide comprehensive services to the martial arts community which will enable instructors and practitioners to effectively and safely include students with disabilities in their programs.
  2. Our activities will result in the broad  involvement of persons with disabilities in martial arts schools and programs.

We are using these methods:

  1. Conducting Research in the following areas;
    • Adapting martial arts techniques
    • Value of martial arts participation
    • Instruction methods
  2. Developing a website that will identify instructors/schools prepared and/or willing to work with students with disabilities.
  3. Develop instructional materials, such as videos, manuals and posters.

Our Mission

  1. To provide Martial Arts schools and instructors with information and support they need in order to effectively and safely include and instruct students with disabilities.
  2. To directly encourage and facilitate participation of people with disabilities in the martial arts.