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Summer Honors takes new direction for 2007

April 3, 2007

Indiana State University has put a new spin on Summer Honors 2007 with the addition of new motorsports-themed seminars. This year's program will run from July 15-27 on the ISU campus.

Summer Honors is a two-week academic program for talented high school students that gives participants an opportunity to sample university life while earning college credit. More than 14,000 students have completed a seminar, earned credit and jump-started their college careers during the program's 38-year history.

Those enrolled in the 2007 program will be able to select from a variety of motorsports-focused sessions as well as many of the traditional sessions of years past, including topics such as graphic design, athletic training, insurance and risk management, engineering physics, elementary education, photography and pre-medicine, among others.

The core motorsports seminar, which will be limited to 100 students, will give participants a chance to get their hands dirty with high-tech toys and hands-on activities. Students will get the opportunity to experience the business of motorsports as they form teams, market their cars, seek sponsorships and tackle obstacles along the way. To top it off, several exciting field trips will take participants to hot racing and motorsports sites throughout the state.

Many of the other seminars will support the central motorsports theme. Some of those include: engineering physics, which will have students building miniature hovercrafts for competition; elementary education, which will give students the opportunity to teach an entire unit with a motorsports theme to students at a poverty-stricken Title I school; or insurance and risk management, which will expose participants to the behind-the-scenes world of risk management and potential pitfalls in the risky business of motorsports. And, many traditional favorites will still be available, such as pre-medicine, theater and others.

"This central motorsports theme is bringing together diverse areas of ISU's academic community in support of a common goal," said Kevin Snider, interim associate vice president for enrollment management at Indiana State. "And that goal is to provide unique, hands-on experiences that expose high school students to the exciting variety of careers that motorsports has to offer."

Summer Honors is open to students who will be high school seniors this fall and are ranked in the upper 25 percent of their class; have maintained a "B" average; or are recommended by a teacher, counselor or principal. Academically eligible students who will be sophomores or juniors this fall also may enroll in selected seminars as space permits.

As always, some of the university's most experienced faculty members will conduct the hands-on seminars, which can earn participants two semester hours of credit that may be applied to a degree at Indiana State or transferred to select universities. In addition, those who successfully complete a Summer Honors seminar and graduate from high school with at least a B average will be eligible to earn a $4,400 scholarship ($1,100 per year) upon entering ISU.

Priority registration for Summer Honors runs through May 15. Applications received after this date will be accepted on a space-available basis. Anticipated fees for this year’s program are $695 (commuter) and $895 (residential), which includes tuition, room and board for both in-state and out-of-state students. Children of ISU alumni are eligible for a $100 scholarship toward the cost of the program, and a limited number of mini-scholarships ($100-400) are available based on financial need.

Applicants are asked not to send payments with their registrations. Instead, fees will be due upon the student’s acceptance into the program. For more information, or to download an application, go to or contact ISU's Office of Admissions at 1-800-GO-TO-ISU (1-800-468-6478) or (812) 237-2121.


(NOTE: Seminars continue to be added to the list)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It's time to get excited about a possible future career in motorsports! This core seminar for Summer Honors participants will introduce students to the world of motorsports and to hot new careers in the field. Indiana's racing roots and history will be the driving force throughout the two weeks of fun and learning. Students will have a chance to get their hands dirty with high-tech toys and hands-on activities. They will get to experience the business of motorsports as they form teams, market their cars, seek sponsorships and tackle obstacles along the way. To top it off, several exciting field trips will take participants to hot racing and motorsports sites throughout the state.

Does the idea of designing racing venues, museums or race-themed restaurants or facilities excite you? If so, may you're interested in interior design as a possible future career and this seminar might be exactly what you're looking for. This seminar will introduce students to interior architecture and showcase opportunities for future success within the profession. Projects will address the built environment and will be primarily based upon a motorsports theme.

This seminar will cover everything from OSHA standards to wound care and from head and neck injuries to therapeutic exercises - all in relation to the world of motorsports. Through hands-on laboratory activities, participants will survey and investigate the areas of motorsport epidemiology, sport risk management and emergency management.

What is social capital and how does it relate to the world of motorsports, you ask? Social capital is a core concept in business, economics, organizational behavior, political science and sociology, defined as the advantage created by a person's location in a set of relationships. It can serve as the foundation for what makes some people gain more success in a particular setting than others, simply based on their superior connections to other people. This course will introduce students to the concept of social capital and then develop the means for finding it, assessing it, and potentially creating it in their own lives.

What do power and speed have in common? How do the laws of physics change from a high-speed turn to a straight-away? Why do skids happen? These are just a few of the many questions participants in the Engineering Physics seminar will study and experience in regard to our motorsports theme. Participants also will be building and racing their own miniature hovercrafts from kits and racing them. Hands-on experiments will emphasize collision mechanics, air frictional dynamics, and skid tendencies with various tires and especially with changing parameters of banks and turns.

Participants in this seminar will design a curriculum for elementary students around a motorsports theme and find ways to infuse the topic into a variety of subjects with this age group. Attendees will interact with university faculty and student-teachers to design and implement innovative, integrated learning experiences for local elementary students in a summer program at a poverty-stricken Title I school.

This course will include the history of photography and the use of digital cameras in shooting motorsports. Students will use various software programs such as Adobe Photoshop while shooting on the racing circuit. Participants will learn about exposure and composition during the two-week seminar, as well as how to shoot motorsports events and to write and design motorsports-related publications. Students enrolled in this seminar may use their own digital cameras, and a limited number of cameras also will be available to participants from the university.

In this session, students will learn the process, application, and design principles of motorsports publications. They also will receive a thorough introduction to the field of graphic design based on the exploration of formal values in design and their relationships to concept communication. Through the use of hands-on techniques, students will develop sharp computer skills and a deeper knowledge of typography, design, methodology and concept communication.

Did you know that some of the hottest topics in motorsports are safety and loss prevention? These also happen to feed into the hottest jobs in risk management and insurance. Racing teams, venues such as dirt tracks and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, drivers, and all that make up the world of motorsports NEED state-of-the-art risk management to survive. When accidents happen, they all need appropriate insurance to pick up the financial pieces so that they can race again. Join this seminar for a fast-paced look at the behind-the-scenes world of risk management and risk financing, including the challenging world of motorsports insurance. Enroll early to be considered for one of the scholarships sponsored by the industry.

Talented high school students participating in this seminar will have an opportunity to be introduced to the rigors of medical school and the changing field of medicine. The seminar will consist of lectures in the core basic science courses taken in medical school and may include: anatomy, biochemistry, environmental health, genetics, microbiology, neurosciences, pathology and physiology, Students will be involved in case studies, laboratory activities and medical field trips. Students will also learn about other health care professions.


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