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Two ISU alumni earn business educator awards

December 18, 2006

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Indiana State University alumni, Douglas Coats and Jason Hendrickson, were recently honored at the Indiana Business Education Association?s (IBEA) 37th Annual Indiana Business and Marketing Education Conference in Indianapolis.

Douglas Coats, a 1984 graduate of ISU, received the Outstanding Classroom Teacher Award for his teaching excellence and for his contributions to business education as a teacher at Pike High School in Indianapolis.

At Pike since 2001, Coats teaches a variety of courses, including PC Repair and Maintenance, Cisco Academy, Digital Communication Tools, WebPage Design and Computer Applications I. He is an Academy Leader for Business and Information Technology, serves as the director of the Academy of Finance and is on the District Technology Committee. He has implemented an on-the-job experience program for his information technology students, an achievement that earned him a Golden Apple Award, and he serves as a co-sponsor for the Pike Business Professionals of America chapter. He is also chairman of Indiana?s Business Professionals of America Executive Board and has served on the board for several years.

Coats credits the education he received at ISU for the education he now offers his students. He said Indiana State helped him become "fully prepared" for his career and his future.

"Indiana State University provided me with an excellent foundation in business education," Coats said. "I had wonderful professors who truly cared about their students and the field of business education. The expertise of Dr. Ford, Dr. Adams, Dr. Gallion, Dr. Mason, Dr. Stewart and Dr. Minnick provided me with excellent teaching methods."

Coats said he received one-on-one attention from his professors due to the small class sizes, and he "never felt like a number."

Along with personalized attention from professors, Coats was able to experience many extracurricular activities at ISU, which helped him build his resume and his leadership skills. He was a member and executive officer for Residential Hall Association (RHA); he was president of Pi Omega Pi, the business education honor society; and he participated in SCAMPS, a singing group that traveled to different churches to perform. He also began membership with the National Business Education Association (NBEA) his senior year. He is still a member today.

Mary Ellen Adams, professor emerita of business at ISU, recognized Coats' commitment to business education, even while he was still in school.

"As faculty adviser of Pi Omega Pi, I got to witness firsthand Doug's professional dedication, leadership skills and willingness to set high standards for himself," she said. "It is obvious that he has continued to hold himself to high standards in his career as a business teacher. I am sure Doug will continue to be an 'Outstanding Classroom Teacher.'"

Coats also met his wife while they both attended Indiana State. She graduated in 1983 with a degree in chemistry. They have a 10-year-old son.

Jason Hendrickson, a 2003 graduate of ISU, received the Emerging Professional Award from IBEA. As a new teacher, working for less than five years, Hendrickson has proven himself an outstanding business teacher through his work at Danville (Ind.) Community High School.

Now in his third year at Danville, Hendrickson has become extremely involved with its Business Professionals of America chapter. He has served as an advisor for Danville?s BPA chapter for two years and was instrumental in creating a marketing video for the organization to increase student recruitment. He has been a member of the Indiana Business Education Association for five years and has been a regional representative as well. He is currently serving as an Indiana State Executive Board Member for BPA.

Hendrickson said Indiana State's College of Business gave him the "creative and innovative thinking skills" that helped him become a better teacher and leader.

"My program within the College of Business allowed me to discover who I was as a person and professionally advance to become the educator that I am today," he said.

Hendrickson also credits the small class sizes and the "one-on-one direction" from professors and mentors for his award.

"Dr. Mary Ellen Adams was my personal professor for my methodology course that I took at ISU," he said. "I was nervous at first being the only student, but soon realized that this was to my benefit. Her excellence in teaching, experience, and student-centered classroom allowed me to define my teaching philosophy and stance on business education."

Adams also was nervous about the one-on-one class, but it gave her a chance to see what Hendrickson was capable of in his future career.

"I was able to teach Jason?s business education methods class (he was the only student who needed the class that semester) during my retirement sabbatical," she said. "Ordinarily, I would have been fearful that a one-student class might present some motivation problems, but not so with Jason! He accomplished every requirement with an outstanding attitude, a good work ethic, and a high quality performance. Recognition as an 'Emerging Professional' indicates Jason is building a career as an outstanding business teacher."

Indiana State also gave Hendrickson the opportunity to grow as a leader outside of the classroom. He was a resident assistant for three years, giving him a head start in his preparation for becoming a teacher. He also was involved in RHA and National Honorary Hall Association. During his senior year, he became a member of NBEA and IBEA, memberships that he continues today.

Hendrickson continues to further his own education at ISU. He is currently working on a master's in curriculum and instruction through the College of Education and a master's in career and technical education through the College of Technology.


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