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Faculty members honored for their service to ISU

April 20, 2023


On April 20th, several faculty members will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to Indiana State University at the Faculty Recognition Banquet. 

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Christopher J. Olsen. “The excellence that our faculty demonstrate every day in their scholarship and creative work, their teaching in and out of the classroom, and in their service to the university and the profession underscores what sets ISU apart. It’s our faculty who provide the world-class experiences that ISU students receive. The chance to work so closely with faculty of this caliber is something that many, perhaps most colleges and universities cannot match. Many thanks to all of our fantastic faculty, and special congratulations to this year’s award winners.”

Each winner will receive a stipend and an award.

Named after a 19th-century educator who helped build the Indiana public school system, the Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award is awarded to the University's best teachers. The sole criterion for this award is to demonstrate excellence in teaching. 

2023 Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award Winners:

 Dr. Carrie Ball, Department of Teaching and Learning.

 Dr. Michael Hayden, Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management.

 Dr. Jeremy Houser, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation.

 Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management.


The 2023 Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research/Creativity Award recipients are:

Dr. Amy Ash, Department of English

Dr. Mohammad "M. Affan" Badar, Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management.

Dr. Yi-Yin "Winnie" Ko, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Dr. Jeffrey Stone, Department of Earth and Environmental Systems. 

Dr. James Gustafson, Department of History, will be awarded this year's Faculty Distinguished Service Award for his contributions outside of the classroom. 

Dr. Howell Tapley, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation is the recipient of the 2023 Community-Based Learning and Scholarship Award. Since 2007, this recognition honors faculty members who have generously given their time and energy to the community through creating and promoting community-based learning activities and through scholarship focused on community issues.

The Provost's Award for Excellence in Academic Assessment is given to an undergraduate and graduate program for their superior performance in assessing and improving student learning. 

2023 undergraduate program winner: Bachelor of Science Elementary Education.

2023 graduate program winner: Master of Education School Counseling.

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