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ISU students run a virtual insurance agency in Selective’s Annual College Competition

February 2, 2023

Five Indiana State University students are participating in Selective's Annual College Competition this month.

The competition allows each team to operate a simulated insurance agency. The students must leverage their education and experiences to make informed business decisions about building market share, developing products and services, growing profit, promoting their firm, and contending with competitors.

One of the participants, Bryce McLeish, a senior at ISU, said, "We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to further develop our insurance and business skills with the help of Selective's annual College Competition. This proves to be a great challenge every year, and we look forward to the growth and development this experience will provide the team."

The other students participating from ISU are:

Gabe Youngblood, senior
Kyle Koch, senior
Julia Sonntag, junior
Jillian Turner, sophomore

Teams of students from the following schools are participating in this year's competition: Appalachian State University, Gallaudet University, Illinois State University, Indiana State University, Le Moyne College, Middle Tennessee State University, Temple University, and the University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

Each team is paired with an Agency Mentor and Indiana State is fortunate to be paired with two insurance and risk management program alumni from Gibson in Indianapolis. Brittany Graman, Learning and Development Specialist and Jak Kramer, Commercial Risk Advisor will serve as mentors to the team.