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Surveys rank Indiana State University in top 12% and top 17.5% in the nation for social and economic mobility of students

November 9, 2022

Indiana State University received high rankings in two surveys measuring colleges and universities for improving students’ economic and social status.

Third Way’s Economic Mobility Index ranked ISU in the top 12% of the nation (158 out of 1,320).

CollegeNet’s Social Mobility Index ranked ISU in the top 17.5% (248 out of 1,414).

“Indiana State University has long focused on providing an environment where students come to transform their lives and pursue productive careers following graduation,” ISU President Dr. Deborah J. Curtis said.  “We’re proud to have once again been recognized for promoting impactful, high-quality, and affordable higher education outcomes.”

An article introducing the Economic Mobility Index said, “We are in dire need of a completely different approach to assessing institutions of higher education … (i)nstead of prioritizing reputation and selectivity. If the primary purpose of postsecondary education is supposed to be to catalyze an increase in economic mobility, which schools are succeeding in that goal?”

The analysis is meant to “give policymakers, researchers, and consumers a better way to assess which colleges are delivering on that promise for low- and moderate-income students—and which ones are falling woefully short.”

ISU has been in the top 19% nationally in the Social Mobility Index for each of the past eight years.

CollegeNet says the Social Mobility Index measures “the extent to which a college or university educates more economically disadvantaged students (with family incomes below the national median) at lower tuition and graduates them into good paying jobs.”

It also says that such schools do that “while eschewing any bragging or other promotions that draw attention to U.S. News and thus sustain its ‘Best’ rankings at the center of the US Higher Education value system.”

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