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ISU and Ivy Tech announce seamless transfer agreement for Engineering Program

April 26, 2021

Indiana State University and Ivy Tech Community College have entered into a transfer agreement creating a seamless process for Ivy Tech engineering graduates to move into ISU’s program.

“We are pleased to partner with Ivy Tech to provide an additional pathway for interested Hoosiers to become engineers — the creative problem solvers and builders of our state,” said Nesli Alp, ISU’s Dean of the College of Technology.

Ivy Tech’s engineering program provides a foundation in science, mathematics, and engineering for electrical, mechanical, civil, computer or other engineering.

Under the new agreement, any Ivy Tech engineering student meeting the transfer agreement requirements, including 61 credits for their Associate of Science, can transfer into Indiana State’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering program as a junior.

The requirements students must meet to be eligible include:

· Application for admission to Indiana State University

· Course grades of “C” or better

· Average grade-point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale

"Students who are pursuing training and education beyond high school need to have options,” said Steven Bardonner, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering and Applied Sciences at Ivy Tech Central Indiana. “We are excited that with this new articulation with Indiana State University, engineering students that begin their educational journey with Ivy Tech now have additional options for completing their engineering focus."

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