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ISU announces spring 2021 recipients of the Hines Memorial Medal

April 21, 2021

Thirteen graduating seniors are receiving the Hines Memorial Medal from Indiana State University for the Spring 2021 semester. 

The medal is awarded to students who entered Indiana State as first-time college freshmen and are completing their bachelor’s degrees with the highest cumulative grade point average.

It is named after Linnaeus Hines, the university's fourth president, from 1921-1933, who served two terms as Indiana superintendent of public instruction. 

The medalists will be recognized at ISU’s Commencement ceremonies in May. 

---Benjamon Brinkley from Chrisman, Illinois, double majored in criminology and criminal justice, and intelligence analysis. He is looking forward to pursuing a career in law enforcement after graduation. “I have formed some of the best relationships in my life at Indiana State,” Brinkley said. “Indiana State created opportunities for me to grow as a person and as a leader. These four years have been the best four years of my life.” 

---Faith Eby, a psychology major from Nashville, Indiana, had a rewarding experience at Indiana State. “I have created some of my lifelong friends, and connections within the mental health field. I have developed my critical thinking skills while exploring many new viewpoints on what life has to offer. My time at State has given me the confidence to speak out about injustice and create change.” 

---Kendall Garno-Foote, an elementary education major from Greensburg, Indiana, plans to start a teaching career. “I hope to get a job right here in Terre Haute teaching the children of this community, as it is the community I have grown to love so very much!”

Garno-Foote believes the relationships she has formed at ISU will stay with her throughout her life. “ISU, its faculty and staff, its students, and the community got me to this point in my life and I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities and experiences this institution has provided me,” she said.

---Breeze Keppy, a nursing major from Paris, Illinois, plans to work as a neonatal registered nurse in Louisville, Kentucky upon successful completion of the NCLEX examination. After she gains experience in the nursing field, she hopes to become a family nurse practitioner. Keppy said ISU is “inspirational, educational, and unforgettable.” 

“ISU is truly my home away from home, and I could not have asked for a better college experience,” she said. “I created lifelong memories, met my best friends, and developed a strong foundation of nursing knowledge. These past four years have been some of the greatest times of my life.”

---David Kluender, a safety management major from Bedford, Indiana, is looking forward to a career in the field. 

Kluender said, “My professors have always been helpful and supportive over the years. I am very grateful for their dedication. Through the ups and downs, I have been very blessed by the support of my family and the friends I have made here. I am confident that the experiences and skills gained during my four years at ISU will serve me well in the future. ”

---Chase Lawhorn, a cybercriminology major from Palestine, Illinois, plans to apply to ISU’s master’s degree program in criminology. He is interested in a career in government or the private sector. 

“I have had the privilege to continue my education without being buried in debt, and I have met some of my best, lifelong friends from my fraternity,” Lawhorn said. “The professors and staff in the Criminology Department never cease to amaze me, and I have been presented with countless opportunities that greatly change my prospects for the future. It has been a truly amazing journey.”

---Benett McEwen, a physical education major from Clarksville, Indiana, plans to move to Dayton, Ohio, to pursue a master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Wright State University. He will also serve as a graduate assistant for Campus Recreation.

Indecisive at first, McEwen managed to keep a 4.0 GPA while he went through five majors in three colleges at Indiana State. “It is acceptable to be indecisive in your studies,” he said. “Keep searching until you find what feels right.”

“Though it was overwhelming at times, I befriended many amazing people who helped guide me in the right direction. I discovered a field of study that I am passionate about and I cannot wait to see where my future takes me.”

---Katherine McGee, an elementary education major from Fairmount, Illinois, plans to work as a kindergarten teacher at Sullivan Elementary School. McGee had an “amazing” time at ISU. “I have grown so much, both professionally and personally. I would not change my experience for anything,” McGee said. 

---Kasey Schultheis, a social work major from Waterloo, Illinois, plans to attend the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville to earn a master’s degree in social work. Afterward, she plans to obtain a certificate in school social work to fulfill her passion of promoting the development of children. 

Schultheis is grateful for the rewarding opportunities offered by ISU. “Through my involvement in a variety of campus organizations I have been able to give back to the community, build relationships with other students, and make lifelong memories,” Schultheis said. “The support from the University and the Social Work Department allowed me to feel encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone during my time at State.” 

---Kayla Vander Zee, an interior architecture design major from Cedar Lake, Indiana, plans on working at an interior design firm in the Indianapolis area. “The years I spent at Indiana State were some of the most growing years of my life,” Vander Zee said. “From finding lifelong friends through club volleyball, to traveling abroad to study architecture and design, and working alongside amazing leaders of the Student Government Association, I would say my time at State and the people I met will be cherished forever.”

---Allison Washburn, an elementary education major from Boonville, Indiana, plans to go on a few road trips after graduation and then pursue a job as a teacher in an elementary school. Washburn said, “I loved my time at Indiana State. I made lifelong friends and enjoyed every second of playing club tennis. I would not trade these last four years for anything.”

---Kylie Wertz, a biology major from Cory, Indiana, is applying to medical school after graduation. She had a memorable time at ISU. “I have made lasting friendships that I will cherish,” Wertz said. “Additionally, I have been mentored by some of the brightest faculty around. There is no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today without all of the opportunities provided to me by ISU.”

---Sarah Williams, an operations and supply chain management major from Grafton, Illinois, plans to attend the Rolls-Royce operations graduate development program in Indianapolis after graduation. Williams said ISU surrounded her with kind and supportive faculty and staff and opportunities to push her out of her comfort zone. “I learned so much and was able to have fun every step of the way,” she said.