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Chemistry professor honored with ISU’s highest award for faculty

March 23, 2021

Chemistry professor Dr. Eric Glendening has been selected as recipient of the President’s Medal, Indiana State University’s highest award for faculty. 

Glendening’s research involves the application of computational chemistry in physical organic chemistry.

“I’m so thrilled that Eric is receiving the President’s medal,” Interim Provost Dr. Christopher Olsen said. “He is such an outstanding faculty member, he was a tremendous chairperson for more than a decade, and his work on behalf of the Timmy Global Health initiative speaks to his character and dedication to people around the world. I just couldn’t be happier for such a great colleague and a wonderful person for whom I have the greatest respect.”

Eight other faculty members were honored with annual awards. Recipients receive a medal and a stipend, and will have their picture displayed in the Cunningham Memorial Library during the 2021-22 academic year.

“This year’s faculty award winners highlight the outstanding people that Indiana State students have the opportunity to work with,” Olsen said. “This group of faculty excel in and out of the classroom, dedicating their time and expertise to help students, ISU, and the broader Wabash Valley community in countless ways. I’m thrilled to know them as colleagues and so grateful that they represent the university with such distinction.”

President’s Medal

--Dr. Eric Glendening, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Faculty Award for Community-Based Learning and Scholarship

--Jennifer Mullen, Department of Communication

--Dr. Scott Sterling, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

Faculty Distinguished Service Award

--Dr. Carrie Ball, Department of Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences

--Dr. Mary Howard-Hamilton, Department of Educational Leadership

Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research/Creativity Award

--Dr. Lindsey Eberman, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation

--Dr. Jennifer Latimer, Department of Earth and Environmental Systems

Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award 

--Dr. Eric Hampton, Department of Applied Clinical and Educational Sciences

--Dr. Yi-Yin Ko, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science