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New typeface gives Indiana State University logo an updated look

January 20, 2021

Indiana State University has changed the typeface for its official logo, giving the trademark an updated look.

Carrie Lutz, Interim Executive Director of University Marketing, said the typeface will change but the current sycamore leaf and other brand elements such as colors and stripes will not change.

Lutz said the logo reinforces a strong brand and will help create greater “visual alignment” across the university’s various offices, departments, and centers.

“The updated typeface complements the breadth of assets the community and prospective students see in market and gives the mark a fresh look as we continue to advance the mission of Indiana State,” Lutz said.

ISU Athletics introduced a new logo last year that is on team uniforms and merchandise.

The new official university logo will be phased in on campus where the previous logo is displayed.