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First annual ‘Homecleaning’ follows successful Homecoming with 212 student volunteers

October 13, 2019

Homecoming ended Saturday at Indiana State University.

“Homecleaning” started Sunday. 

A day after the Homecoming Parade and the football team’s victory over Western Illinois, 212 student volunteers showed up to clean Wabash Ave., and nearby blocks, from campus to Memorial Stadium. It was the first of what is expected to be an annual event. 

There was a financial award for the student group with the highest participation. But most students received nothing other than the satisfaction of community service, an ethic ingrained in Indiana State University’s culture. 

“This is what Sycamores do,” said Nancy Rogers, Vice President for University Engagement.

Braden Murphy, President of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, said he wanted to help give Wabash Ave. "a reset" to say thanks after a fun and safe Homecoming celebration.

“Our guys view community service as a brotherhood and bonding experience,” Murphy said.

Members of Pi Kappa Alpha participate in 'Homecleaning'President Deborah J. Curtis of ISU, who was among those working on the clean-up, said it was a great end to a “very successful and happy Homecoming.” She noted that the idea for Homecleaning came from students.

“It just reiterates to us how important it is to not just prepare our students for a career but for life in communities and being a part of a community,” Curtis said. “Our students, especially the ones who showed up here today, take that seriously. It’s a pride they have in saying, ‘I want to contribute to my community.’ And that’s what we hold so dearly as a distinctive quality of Indiana State University.”




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