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"All Things Considered" host was at WISU last week to promote "Eva" documentary

April 6, 2018

"All Things Considered" host Matt Pelsor of WFYI returned to his roots with live broadcasts from WISU from April 2-5 to promote the Eva Kor documentary "Eva."

The documentary will be shown at 7 p.m. on April 14 in Tilson Auditorium.

"We decided to do this as a way to promote the world premiere of our Eva documentary. We didn't want to just come here, we also wanted to talk with people in the community who are also working to effect positive change similar to the way Eva does," Pelsor said.

Pelsor interviewed people striving to make a difference in the community during the last week of March, and played the clips on WFYI of Indianapolis. He hosted the show from Terre Haute. The show is aired locally on WISU 89.7 from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

It wasn't the first time being at Indiana State for Pelsor. He was here 18 years ago as a Summer Honors student. His mother signed him up for a TV and radio program because of his interest in radio.

"I had such a wonderful time those two weeks when I was here. I came in here and hung out in this very studio," Pelsor said.

"All this week while I'm here I am playing those interviews on air amid ‘All Things Considered'," Pelsor said. "Last week recording the interviews and this week editing them and being here I think has been some of the most important work of my career."

Kor is a Holocaust survivor and was a Mengele Twin while at Auschwitz. The 84-year-old has gone through a long journey of learning the power of forgiveness.

"You can hear about the gas chambers and extermination and the final solution and it all resonates and it's all powerful, but hers is a personal story and hers is one of real pain and real terror, but it is also one of the triumph of sheer will," Pelsor said.

The documentary seeks to show Kor's story in a new light. It presents her path to forgiveness and how she found forgiveness within herself.

It was produced by WFYI Public Media with the help of filmmaker Ted Green and co-producer Mika Brown.

"I've been really busy this week, but it's been the best kind of busy. I've gotten to meet and talk to a bunch of wonderful people. I'm so glad that WFYI simulcasts here," Pelsor said.

The premiere was held in Indianapolis on April 5.

Tickets for the Tilson Auditorium show are available online and a link can be found on the Candles Holocaust Museum's website.

An excerpt of a previously recorded interview with Kor will air on "All Things Wabash Valley" at 8 p.m. Wednesday on WISU 89.7.

Photo caption: WFYI host Matt Pelsor broadcasts “All Things Considered” from WISU-FM at Indiana State. 

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