Indiana State University Newsroom

Landsbaum Center cleared of bomb threat

May 30, 2017

A call to the Indiana State University Police Department was received today at approximately 8:42 a.m. reporting a note found in the Landsbaum Center, located on the Union Hospital campus. The note stated that explosives had been placed in the building.

University Police immediately evacuated the building and checked neighboring buildings. Officers from the Terre Haute Police Department and local Homeland Security officials assisted.

Text message and email alerts were sent to the campus community informing them of the situation. A series of general searches of the building were conducted by police, and nothing suspicious was found.

The Landsbaum Center and the surrounding restricted areas were open for public use immediately following the final sweep of the building. Police officers will be in the area to assist people as they reenter the building.

The Indiana State University Police will be continuing the investigation and has contacted the local FBI office. The university has no further comment at this time.