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Student finds passion in media

May 16, 2017

Emily Flener won Best Sports Update in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for a radio broadcast done while a student at New Albany High School in New Albany, Ind.

"I didn't even know I was put up for the nomination until I spoke with my teacher," said Flener. "I had the chance to go to New York state to attend the award ceremony and the conferences."

Flener's sport update was focused on a basketball tournament schedule.

"I did the update during a halftime show while I was doing a normal broadcast during a basketball game," said Flener. "I have never actually listened to the broadcast."

Flener has been working with Student Media since she began at State in the fall of 2016.

"Right now, I broadcast basketball and I have a newscast every Monday," said Flener. "I did election coverage last semester, and I actually just got a promotion. I am the newest director of underwriting grants."

Richard Green, the general manager of WISU and WZIS, has been working with Flener since the fall when Flener began her freshman year.

"She has certainly done a lot of great work for Student Media," said Green. "Getting on air as a freshman is remarkable. Being recognized shows she's got talent, and I know she will continue to do impressive things while at Indiana State."

Flener began in media at a young age.

"My dad has always been into broadcasting," said Flener. "When I was five or six, he would take me to broadcast with him while he worked."

Flener would keep tally marks to keep score during sporting events and read the scores on air.

"It must have been the cutest thing to hear a kid tell the score," said Flener. "I started so young, so I've never felt uncomfortable broadcasting. I continued broadcasting into high school because it seemed natural."

While Flener worked in broadcasting in high school, she chose education as her major in college. "I still love broadcasting," said Flener. "I want to teach either middle school or upper elementary school. I have also thought about one day teaching media so that students can find the same love that I have."Nerves do not get to Flener when broadcasting, but Flener says she feels the most pressure when speaking in front of children.

"It is so much harder to stand up in front of a classroom full of children and speak than it is to put on a headset and broadcast to potential thousands," said Flener.


Photo: After doing a sports broadcast while attending New Albany High School in New Albany, Ind., Emily Flener received Best Sports Update from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.


Photo: Flener began in broadcast at a young age as her father broadcasted as a side job. She now works for WZIS broadcasting a weekly news show and sporting events.

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