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Film student is a clothing design mogul

January 25, 2017

Most students can't imagine juggling much more than writing papers and studying for exams while they're in college. For Sanchez Miller, he's additionally running a business.

"I just woke up one day and started designing," said the fine arts major from Indianapolis.

Miller began sketching designs as a way to fill his time in the dreary summer months of 2014. Then, he realized he could share his designs with the world. He's been working nonstop since the creation of KAMi Universe.

"When I first started off, I was terrible. I would show my friends some of the concepts and designs I would have and they would give me fake encouragement, sort of like ‘Yeah, it looks awesome!' just to make me happy," he said. "Looking back on it, some of that stuff was not good at all, but it pushed me to keep working and become better."

When the decision to start a clothing line was finalized, he knew the biggest thing he would have to tackle the brand name. Miller started thinking of ideas and metaphors that inspired him -- eventually coming up with KAMi Universe. Kami is a Japanese term for god or goddess, a divine being, used mostly to describe things in nature, or for Miller, to reference the nature elements in every article of clothing.

"The message I want to give off with my line is finding the perfection, or Kami, in yourself," he said. Miller said that the concept of self-love is important to him, because it's what kept him so driven throughout development of his business.

About a year ago, Miller created his website,, and the website has since developed into an impressive outlet offering an array of apparel: beanies, pom caps, hoodies, T-shirts, zip-ups, crewnecks, leggings, tanks, baseball tees and racerback tanks. As well as having nature influence his work, Miller is inspired heavily by '90s throwback style.

Miller's plans for expansion are already in the works. While taking a break from designing, Miller is working on garnering more business in the Terre Haute area and is pondering over a few long-term goals to take a percentage from the proceeds he earns on his clothes and donate them to animal welfare organizations.

He said if he would have a song to describe his personality, it would be "Stronger" by Kanye West.

"I've been through a lot," he said. "People are either going to like my art or hate it. Even though people always gave me negative feedback, it made me stronger."

In addition to KAMi Universe, Miller is studying video and film animation at State, which he chose to attend because of its location and a spot on the track team.

"Further down the line, I want to have my own cartoon show and write that. I want it to mix Japanese and hip-hop culture," he said.


Photo: -- Sanchez Miller

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