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Indiana Principal Leadership Institute accepting applications for fourth cohort

February 18, 2016

The Indiana Principal Leadership Institute (IPLI) at Indiana State University's Bayh College of Education announced it is accepting applications for its fourth cohort. The application deadline is March 15. Fifty principals will be selected to participate in the cohort, which will launch this summer at Indiana State.

Created with bipartisan support during the 2013 session of the Indiana General Assembly, the institute is a two-year experience that addresses the professional needs of Indiana public school principals with an emphasis on student success.

The experience lasts two years for each cohort, with more than 50 principals participating in each group. The principals develop and implement personal and school improvement plans, facilitate action research projects at their schools and build networks with other principals to gain support during and beyond the institute experience.

More than 122,000 students in 65 counties have been touched by the work of the 169 IPLI principals and their teachers in the first three cohorts.

The first cohort graduated from the institute in April 2015. Their accomplishments included implementing data-driven processes to enhance student performance, improving classroom instruction, and strengthening school culture. Twenty of the first cohort's 56 principals saw their 2014 school grades increase under the A-F model.

"The Indiana Principal Leadership Institute is making a difference for our children, our schools and our communities," said Linda Marrs-Morford, executive director of IPLI. "The initial results from our principals and their work are promising. We are continuing to help our principals put their schools on a path to better performance, where more importantly, the whole child can learn and grow."

Each principal is matched with a trained mentor who helps guide the principal's work throughout the two-year experience. In the second year, principals invite two teachers from their schools to attend the IPLI seminars to ensure teachers are a part of the school improvement process. Results from among the 280 action research studies already conducted by IPLI principals include finding new ways to increase collaboration time for teachers and boosting the number and quality of classroom observations.

Principals interested in applying for the fourth cohort should apply online at Their responsibilities include attending five seminars each year and monthly regional focus-cohort meetings. A one-time financial contribution of $1,000 from the school corporation is required for participation, as it cements both the commitment of the principal and superintendent to the program. Nominating a principal implies the superintendent and school board think the principal has the potential to improve their school, are supportive of positive change in the school, and will allow data collection to occur.

In addition to the targeted work with each cohort, IPLI is committed to serving as a resource for all Indiana principals, their schools and their school communities. This includes sharing research, providing access to leadership assessments and offering tools to develop action research plans.

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