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Enrollment growth fuels expanded fleet of planes at Flight Academy

September 1, 2015

Growth in enrollment at the Indiana State University Flight Academy has led to expansion of the school's aircraft fleet.

A Piper Arrow IV is the second airplane to be added since the university's own flight academy began two years ago. It brings the total number of aircraft available to students to 13.

"The Arrow is the primary training aircraft for commercial pilot applicants," said Jalal "JJ" Zreba-Dover, assistant chief pilot. "Our current Arrow was 100 percent utilized, having flown more than 1,300 hours in a two-year time frame. "By adding one more to the fleet, we can take better care of our students and adjust for the growth of incoming freshmen."

The new plane is identical to those the flight school already operates, Zreba-Dover said, noting the advantage to students because no transitional training will be required and students won't have to learn the cockpit layout of a different aircraft.

"Enrollment in the ISU Flight Academy is increasing at the rate of 13 percent each year, well above the already impressive 3 percent annual growth of the university's overall enrollment," said Harry Minniear, associate professor of aviation technology. "We currently have 137 students enrolled in the professional aviation flight technology program with 104 of those students actively flying at this time at the academy."

More than 30 students are using the Piper Arrows this semester with more students expected to use the planes next semester, Minniear said.

Photo: - A Piper Arrow IV is the latest addition to the Indiana State University Flight Academy's aircraft fleet. The addition of a 13th airplane was made necessary by continued enrollment growth in the university's aviation program. (ISU/Tony Campbell)

Photo: A Sycamore leaf adorns the tail of the Indiana State University Flight Academy's newest airplane, a Piper Arrow IV. (ISU/Tony Campbell)

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