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University launches ‘It's on Blue' campaign to stop sexual harassment, violence

August 13, 2015

Indiana State University officials say they take seriously their responsibility for the safety and health of students. That's why for several months the university has been part of a national campaign called "It's On Us" urging students and others to speak out or intervene to reduce the risk of and/or to stop a sexual assault.

Today, the university took its effort to a new level by requiring students, faculty and staff to complete an online education and prevention program.

"‘It's On Blue' is Indiana State University's initiative for the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence and stalking," said Aimee Janssen-Robinson, director of equal opportunity and Title IX coordinator. "It will include a variety of prevention programs and trainings over the course of the year, including a new online program and active bystander training. ‘It's On Blue' is about creating a campus climate and culture of care, safety and support. See Something. Say Something. STEP UP!"

The vision behind the campaign is "to inspire everyone in the university community to be a champion of nonviolence, social justice and advocacy," said university President Dan Bradley. "We will provide students, faculty and staff the tools, support and opportunities to do that."

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, part of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, requires colleges and universities to take steps to prevent domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. In June of this year, Indiana State's Board of Trustees adopted a sexual misconduct policy requiring participation in mandatory training and prevention.

The university has also produced an "It's on Us" video,, featuring some high-profile campus people urging viewers to intervene in preventing nonconsensual sexual activity.

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