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Indiana State Student Media announces new commercial video team

February 16, 2015

Indiana State University's Student Media organization has launched "Syc Creations," a digital-design and production team offering video production and graphic and web-design services.

Syc Creations produces client-driven, fee-based video productions for customers on campus and in the community. Students are involved on multimedia specialists, graphic designers and webmasters.

"Our commercial video team is a great way for students and staff to help promote their organization," said Seth Payne, graphic designer for student media. " (Students and staff) are looking forward to seeing a Syc Creations production air on one of the local television stations."

One of Syc Creations' first projects was a musical video for the university's Staff Council.

"I think the Student Media crew did a great job on our video from the start to finish," said Roxanne Torrence, Staff Council chair. "Chad listened to our idea and made it a reality,"

Syc Creations has also produced video for other organizations around the ISU campus such as the Career Center and the Bayh College of Education. "We want to make sure our students are getting a good experience working in video production, and we want to make sure our clients are impressed with the caliber of work our students can produce," said Chad Clark, Student Media's digital media manager.

Syc Creations is able to produce any kind of video project, from heavily produced commercials to short features, and recording of lectures and presentations.

Philip Glende, executive director of Student Media, said Syc Creations was created as a fee-based service to give students the chance to work with customers who were paying for their services.

"This is closer to a real world experience than it would be if they were doing the production work for free," Glende said.

For more information about the commercial video team, Syc Creations, contact Chad Clark, digital media manager for Student Media, at

Student Media is the umbrella organization for the operating units responsible for creating and distributing student media products and it coordinates collaboration and convergence among the individual media outlets. Students primarily are involved in publicity and outreach efforts. To see featured productions from Syc Creations, go to or

Writer: Stacy Brownbridge, Student Media, Indiana State University, 812-237-3984 or