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Croatian students see the sights while attending Indiana State

June 6, 2014

Nine students from Croatia have wrapped up a stateside tour and classroom experience at Indiana State University.

The students took the comparative criminology class, taught by Sudipto Roy, professor of criminology and criminal justice at Indiana State.

The class is part of an exchange program with Croatia’s University of Zagreb that has existed since 2005. The exchange serves as a way for Indiana State students, who generally come from surrounding Midwest states, and Zagreb students to gain a different perspective on their field of study and be exposed to other cultures.

At a lunch reception, the students were presented with completion certificates.

Outside the classroom, the students made the most of their time here, visiting New York City, Chicago and Indianapolis. Their tour guides were Indiana State students and alumni who previously visited Croatia under the same academic exchange.

The class was what student Mirsana Znasder expected, as she previously took a course taught by Roy in Zagreb.

Here, “the only thing that was weird is there’s no students (on campus),” Znasder, 26, said, referencing Indiana State's summer break.

Touring the United States for the first time highlighted both the cultural similarities and differences of the two countries, the students said. The Windy City was a superlative experience for Anita Gladović, 21

“It was really great. I love Chicago. I am seriously thinking about moving there,” Gladović said.

The students said they were appreciative of their time in the United States — and their ISU tour guides.

“We are so thankful to them. We can’t thank them enough,” Gladovic said.


Photos:;; -- Students visiting Terre Haute from the University of Zagreb in Croatia tour Indianapolis.

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