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Scott College hosts second annual marketing operations showcase

May 2, 2014

As you walked into Scott College of Business courtroom on April 24, it was filled with student group projects from the 2013-14 school year. Faculty members in the marketing and operations department selected their top student led projects from different marketing operation courses to display their work in the 2nd annual MO Show.

"We understand classes, group projects and working multiple jobs to pay bills can be stressful," said Vernon Sweetin, assistant professor in the Scott College of Business. "Professors know we can be difficult, but we want our students to succeed," he added.

Students spent their semester researching different companies, some of the companies the students did: TOMS, Sony PlayStation 4 and GE Aviation.

Three business administration majors spent their semester learning about Red Gold. They found out that 90 percent of the tomatoes used for the ketchup are grown here in the Midwest. The students spent quite a bit of time learning about the company demand, product mix and the functional aspect.

"This project went deep into structure in company and supply chain, which was very educational," said junior Tony Turner.With this event being held once a school year, the professors hope the future of this showcase turns into something great for the students."We hope this is place for students to network with other professionals and also show off their projects," said Sandeep Bhowmick, assistant professor in marketing.

Writer: Beth Pickerill, media relations assistant, Office of Communications & Marketing,