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Hall, Sheets receive President's Medal; 10 other faculty members also honored

April 17, 2014

Indiana State University honored 12 educators during its annual Faculty Recognition Banquet Thursday (April 17).

President Dan Bradley presented the President's Medal, the university's highest award for faculty, to Lea Hall, associate professor of nursing and executive director of nursing education, and Virgil Sheets, professor and chair of the department of psychology.

"Professor Hall has inspired and challenged nursing students through her creative, compassionate, and engaging approach to teaching and has contributed to her discipline in important and meaningful ways by serving individuals and families with compassionate, evidence-based care," Bradley said.

Hall, an Indiana State faculty member for 13 years, has advanced nursing education by contributing to the development of education programs at the state, national and international levels, an increased enrollment and graduation rates that meet nursing workforce needs and the programs' national prestige for excellence in teaching and community service, he said.

"Professor Hall has ensured a solid foundation for the programs to move to their next level of excellence, with a vision to provide more advanced practice nursing programs that address chronic health conditions, expand continuing education offerings to meet the needs of professional colleagues and engage students in learning opportunities that empower them to be the nurse leaders of tomorrow," Bradley said.

"Professor Sheets has inspired and challenged psychology and foundational studies students through his creative, innovative and engaging approach to teaching," Bradley said in recognizing the 20-year faculty veteran. "He has mentored many master's and doctorate students as both a teacher and immediate research supervisor, helping them to successfully continue with their educational aspirations."

Sheets' commitment to students has been underscored by his receipt of the university's Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award in 2001, College of Arts and Sciences Education Excellence Award in 1996 and Professor of the Year by Blue Key Honor Society in 1995, Bradley noted.

"Professor Sheets, as chairperson of the department of psychology and through his collegial and highly competent professional relationships, has increased the number and quality of Indiana State University students, worked with its faculty to produce interesting and important knowledge, and is recognized as among Indiana State's best and most treasured faculty," the president said.

Bradley also noted Sheets "sustained and significant commitment" to serving the university through his participation and leadership in key decision making bodies including Faculty Senate, where he was chair for three years and vice chair for three years, Faculty Senate Committee, a justice on the All-University Court and chair of numerous task forces and committees.

Other awards and their recipients were:

• Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award: John Conant, professor and chair of economics; Lindsey Eberman, associate professor of applied medicine and rehabilitation; Robert Johnson, associate professor of mathematics and computer science; and Jennifer Schriver, professor of psychology.

• Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research and Creativity Award:; Keith Byerman, professor of English; Carl Klarner, associate professor of political science; Cecil Nelson, professor of languages, literatures and linguistics; and Bassam Yousif, associate professor of economics

• Community-Based Learning and Scholarship Award: Azizi Arrington-Bey, assistant professor, built environment

• Faculty Distinguished Service Award: Nathan Schaumleffel, associate professor, kinesiology, recreation and sport.

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