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Trustees approve Bradley contract extension

March 7, 2014

The Indiana State University Board of Trustees has approved a three-year contract extension for university President Dan Bradley, continuing his service through 2019.

The unanimous action came during a telephone conference call Friday with some members voting from St. Louis, where the university's men's basketball team was preparing to play in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. A state law allowing electronic meetings took effect in January 2013 and a board policy approved last May permits such meetings for limited purposes.

Board President Randy Minas noted campus-wide support for the contract extension, including from the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Staff Council. Minas had announced agreement on the contract extension at the board's Feb. 21 meeting.

"Dr. Bradley and Cheri are two of the most beloved Sycamore family members," student Trustee Erin Sluyter said following Friday's vote. "We feel that they really do appreciate us and care for us academically and as people and that's really special to us."

Bradley has served as Indiana State's 11th president since 2008. Friday's action extends his contract through June 30, 2019. Under terms of the extension, his salary of $290,755 will not change but deferred compensation will increase from the current $30,000 annually to $65,000 per year. As with previous contracts, the new agreement provides that any salary increases be consistent with future general salary adjustments for all other university employees.

"I'm excited with the support expressed by this contract extension and by the campus community. Clearly, there is plenty of work to do and I am happy that I'm considered worthy to engage in it," Bradley said. His primary goals, and those of the university, remain increased student enrollment and greater student success, he said.


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