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Nearly 6,000 students attend library ‘Extravaganza'

September 17, 2013

The sound of music and the smell of pizza drew students out from the rain and into Indiana State University's Cunningham Memorial Library for the 11th annual Library Extravaganza.

Greg Youngen, interim dean of library services called the Sept. 12 event the "biggest day of the year" for the library.

"Some students are in the library for the first time so it gives them a chance to see what the library has to offer," said Youngen. "It gives us a chance to meet students face-to-face and attach a service with a name."

Many of the students visiting the library for the first time were freshmen such as Alyssa Shultz, a biology major from Fishers who plans on taking full advantage of the library during her time at Indiana State.

"I'm going to be spending a lot of time here, so it is important to be acquainted with everything," she said.

The event not only allows students to learn more about the library itself, but also other organizations and services around campus, such as the Student Government Association, the Recycling Center and the Math and Writing Center, which is housed on the second floor of the library.

Whitney Neukam, a junior from Washington, Ind., who is double majoring in communications and English is a writing consultant for the Math and Writing Center. She said that the Extravaganza allows for more students to learn about the services the center offers.

"We do a lot of advertising in classes, but a lot of students still don't know who we are because they may have not been in one of those classes we talked to," said Neukam. "Since we are located in this building, it is nice to say ‘Hey come upstairs and we can help you.'"

About 5,900 students attended the Extravaganza this year, which is 900 more students than last year's event. Youngen credits the use of Twitter for getting the word out to students.

"We actually ran out of pizza, which has never happened, and had to order more. But nobody left hungry," said Youngen.

The Extravaganza featured other free food, such as popcorn and drinks, as well as giveaways and a band positioned just outside of the library entrance.

Youngen said that the library field is "continually evolving" because "so many resources are available electronically now."

Although many students now use the Internet for access to resources, Youngen said that gate counts are as high as ever at the Cunningham Memorial Library as reflected by the high turnout at the Extravaganza.

"It was a very successful day for the library," he said.

Photo: - Students leave Indiana State University's Cunningham Memorial Library Sept. 12, 2013 following Extravanga, an annual event designed to educate students about the library's many services. (ISU/Rachel Keyes)

Photo: - Indiana State University students chat with Al Perone, associate dean of students and student ombudsman, during Cunningham Memorial Library's 11th annual Extravaganza Sept. 12, 2013. (ISU/Rachel Keyes)

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